Most Improved 2014 & Who Will Break Out in 2015?

It's one of the things we love about the mighty Bombers, every year, heroes are made. This year, my most improved player awards go to Hooksy, Hurls, Myers, Colyer and Baggers. Who do you think was this years biggest improver?


Hooksy has this year proved himself one of the best, if not the best backman in the league. Hurls finally looks settled, was one of our most influential players in the second half of the season and the value of his ability to go forward if needed mustn't be underestimated. Myers has established himself as one of our best midfielders and is invaluable around stoppages with his ability to clear the ball with that big left boot. It's clear that Colyer's run and carry was exactly what we needed and he was one of our most important players in the second half of the season. I can't think of a game this year where Baggers has been beaten by his direct opponent- I'm not sure I've ever seen as competitive a beast as what he displayed this season.


Now that being said, which players do you think look likely for a breakout season in 2015? Browne and Kommer both have huge potential but missing the whole season this year could set them back, we will wait and see. Daniher's full season of football at senior level was premature in my opinion, I wouldn't have anticipated him playing 21 games this year, but I am sure it's because of this that he will have a big 2015. I think that either/both of the Merrett brothers have a lot to offer next year as well. I would like to see Jacko earn and hold a spot in the side. 


Hurley 2015



That would be brilliant, haven't seen enough of him yet.

Alex Browne please.

Most improved = TRAV!


At the start of the year, most here would have been happy to trade/delist him.


His improvement has been a revelation, provides much-needed pace, and was one of the best in one of our rare finals appearances.

As to who will break out [as in escape] in 2015, I hope it is not Paddy.

Q1: Heppell.

Q2: Heppell.

  • Browne and Kommer will be pushing the best 22 early on
  • Melksham to get back to his late 2013 form
  • Myers becomes elite
  • Daniher and Carlisle to kick 80 goals together

Colyer is easily our most improved. Has gone from one foot out the door, to best 22.

I think Zach Merret is a good chance to really step his game up next year after a full pre-season.

Most improved 2014 - Heppell

Q1: Heppell.
Q2: Heppell.

It's actually a fair point, hidden in plain sight.
Still, Ryder, Bags, Hooker, Myers & Hurley make a solid case as well. Gleeson too, he came from absolutely nowhere.

Gregory will smash 2015.

More to do with this year but I think we had a lot of players improve heaps this year


These players where our big improvers

1. Heppel

2. Ryder

3. Colyer
4. Hooker

5. Hurly

6. Bags

7. Danaher

8. Carlisile (first year playing fwd)


promising first year players

1 Zac Merret

2 Ambrose

3  Gleeson


Good players that need to improve but did'nt. NEED TO BE MORE CONSISTENT.


1. Zacha 

2. Stanton

3. Myers

4. Howlett

5. Hocking


No improvement but guns already

1. Watson

2. Hibbo

3. Goddard

4. Fletcher



1. Dempsy

2. J Merret

3. T-bell (injurys)


Done and dusted

1. Jetta

2. Melk


One more year tops

1. Winders

2. Chappy


Writing this was interesting. Of these players I think its the ones that didn't improve that are our biggest problem and I noticed they are all midfielders. They are not consistent enough and have been in the system long enough now. 


If we can hold our current list and these 5 players become consistent footballers we will be a top 4 side. They don't have to be stars but they have to be a lot more consist-ant. 



Gleeson will be the one to watch next year with a full pre-season and a little bit of size. So pleased he signed on for 2 more years. 


I will put my little tattoo nuts on the line and say he will be a Mark/Jason Johnson clone for us in the future.


I've played footy at only B grade Amatuer level, but I've seen the kind of intent Hams has at the ball.


It's not teachable, coachable, or learnt. It's part of who he is, and what's got him on an AFL list.


What is, is skills blah blah, and muscle development.


I have NO DOUBT he will be a 100+ game player for us.


Ban me if I'm wrong.


He will never be that guy that gets the plaudits of certain silky types, but he'll be the one to give our players who have that X factor the chance.Ball winner/extractor/courageous.


Im hoping DJR who has seen the 2's almost more than anyone can concur.

Looking to '15, I think Zerret will go up another 2 levels. Kommer & Hams, both eager, young, tough nuts, will be in the mix, and reinvigorate our list. Gleeson will continue to improve. Fletcher will have a break-out year hehe. And JoeDan will kick 45.






We have some exciting young talent.

Interested to see how Raynor and Thurlow go next year too.

Most improved, gotta be Colyer. Finished the season playing to his strengths, seems to understand his own game now and his value to the team when he plays well.

I suspect next year will be a break-out season for Joe Dan. Played like a man in the final and with another preseason will bring that pack-splitting mindset into next year. Looking forward to seeing what Alex Browne can bring to the table too.

2015, International Year of Lauchlin Dalgleish.