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Just saw today that Brodie Kostecki, after winning the Supercars for 2023 has suddenly quit Erebus Motorsport due to a breakdown in the relationship and probably contract. If they cannot convince him to come back we could be looking at the champ sitting the season out. All other teams already have their lineups.

It’s a complete shock for me and with Brown going to Triple 8 it makes Erebus a new team setup for this season. Jack Le Brocq signed as replacement for Brown and the talk is Todd Hazelwood will get Kostecki’s seat on a race by race basis.

If he doesn’t get a seat maybe he will try and get himself to Nascar? I think that is his long term aim, similar to SVG.

" understands that there have been tensions within the Erebus team for some time, with Kostecki reportedly having a major fall-out with the squad on the eve of the Tailem Bend round in August of last year.

Ironically, that weekend saw Kostecki’s best performance of the season, scoring maximum points by winning all three races at the South Australian track.

It has been previously reported that Kostecki is under contract to Erebus for the remainder of the 2024 season and, as things stand, should he depart, it looks unlikely he would be released to join another team. That would mean that he would be unlikely participate even as a co-driver in the series’ endurance events, the Sandown 500 and the Bathurst 1000."

Crazy hey. 2 drivers leaving before the conclusion of their contract, a Bathurst winner and a championship winner. Barry Ryan certainly rubs people the wrong way.


reckon motorsports one that can be combined, unless a car catches fire each f1 race only gets like 10 posts, motogp 4-5

Dust off one of the retired Tickford Mustangs and sign him up

Yeah that Brodie thing is a real shock.

Confirmed he’s missing the season opener, but Erebus not letting him walk. Seems as though there’s more to play out.

Team owners have rejected allowing Andretti into F1. Wankers.

That statement provides more further questions than actual answers.

Denying the report but confirming its contents

Bit of Hamilton to Ferrari talk floating around

Actually seriously gathering momentum. Some pretty reliable journos that I trust are going with it now.

For 2025 of course, but seriously that’s big news


Yep it’s definitely happening, announcement later today.

Wow wow wow

bono, le mie gomme sono finite

I guess that’s a fair argument. But I have no interest whatsoever in 4-wheelers, which I would then have to sift through to get to the good stuff :wink:

What are peoples thoughts on the NASCAR series on Netflixs. Its no ‘Drive to Survive’ but not too bad. I knew very little about it prior to watching it.

The dominoes of this move are quite big too.

  • what do Merc do? Do they promote their f2 guy from within, do they go a short term stop gap like Alonso, or someone like an Albon?
    *Red Bull will be in the market for a 2nd driver too
    *Where does Sainz end up (rumour has it Sauber, which will become Audi in 2026)
  • the flow-on in the driver market in the mid-lower teams will be quite significant too with many out of contract at years end

McLaren looking like geniuses locking away two highly sort after drivers on long term deals

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Shyt well and truly hitting the fan now

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Oh dear, it is all falling apart for them. I wonder what is actually going on? They have burned a lot of people, someone is screwing the pooch.

Erebus have lost all their main sponsors simply to do with their handling of Kostecki, with the sponsors on Kostecki’s side of the argument.

Obviously there’s more to the story but essentially Kostecki doesn’t want to be at Erebus as long as Barry Ryan is there. Think sponsors have realised the PR nightmare that this will/has caused and decided to jump ship.

I don’t know if Betty/Ryan have the best relationships with sponsors either.

What an unmitigated disaster this is