Movie Genre - Top Ten Crime Films

Ok, time for top ten crime films. Yep it is a genre… well that’s what Netflix tells me anyway…

1. Memories of Murder (2003) Directed byBong Joon Ho

One of the greatest films ever made by a director that has his own distinct style. Based on a true story.

2. Goodfellas (1990) Directed by Martin Scorsese

This film has influenced almost every crime film that’s come since.

3. The Godfather (1972) Directed by Francis Ford Coppola

Arguably the greatest film ever made.

4. The Conversation (1974) Directed by Francis Ford Coppola

Not sure if it belongs in crime but I’m putting it here anyway. Understated masterpiece.

5. No Country for Old Men (2007) Directed by the Coens

Modern masterpiece.

6. Menace II Society (1993) Directed by the Hughes brothers

Wasn’t sure whether to go with this or Boyz here. Went with this due to Laurenz Tates portrayal of O-Dog.

7. The French Connection (1971) Directed by William Friedkin

Wanted to go Dog Day here but couldn’t go past Hackman at the top of his game.

8. Blow Out (1981) Directed by Brian De Palma

With a back catalog of Scarface, The Untouchables, Carlito’s Way and dressed to Kill it was difficult settling on De Palmas best film. Blow Out is it for me.

9. Chaser (2008) Directed by Hong-jin Na

Intense, gritty… Just an incredible film on so many levels.

10. Heat (1995) Directed by Michael Mann

Without this there is no Dark Knight.

Special mention : 8MM (1999) Directed by Joel Schumacher

I despise Joel Schumacher but he does have an eye for excellent screenplays. This one was written by the same guy as Seven and is equally dark and disturbing. Joel took it on and then proceeded to take a hatchet to what could have been a classic. The screenwriter went in dispute with Joel over the filming of it and couldn’t come to a resolution on how to film it so disowned it. There is still a very good film buried in there.

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Great list. ‘The Conversation’ is amazing.


In no particular order (and slipping in an extra as I couldn’t drop one):


Silence of the lambs

Animal kingdom

Hell or high water

Three billboards

On the waterfront


The godfather

La confidential

No country for old men

12 angry men

Honourable mentions to Drive, Looper, Gone Girl and The Departed which were all very enjoyable movies.


I really wanted to put Hell or High Water in.

Its a genre where you could do a top ten 5 times and come up with a new list each time.

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The Conversation is one of those masterpieces that gets overlooked because The Godfather is so good.

You could make an argument that The Conversation is Coppolas best film but obviously the Godfather has made the bigger cultural impact.


In no particular order:



Silence of the Lambs

The Departed

Pulp Fiction

No Country for Old Men

Midnight Express

The Godfather

The Untouchables

American Psycho

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Another slightly sprawling genre, these came to mind for me.

Dirty Harry

Lethal Weapon

The Godfather

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Taxi Driver

Pulp Fiction

Cool Hand Luke

No Country For Old Men

Silence of The Lambs

The Usual Suspects

I considered Scarface, Goodfella’s, Escape From Alcatraz, Italian Job, and Girl On The Train.


The Godfather or The Godfather II?
Both so damn good.

I went original. Much like i went Terminator over T2 . Almost impossible to split. I gave Brando the nod.


I wanted to include Alcatraz but couldn’t quite make the room. Even considered ‘In the Line of Fire’ as another great Eastwood film. He has such a great catalog of thrillers from that era.

Malkovich’s character in In The Line of Fire is one of my favourite movie characters.

I’m far, far from convinced that John is an actor. I think he’s just a pure nutter that they put on screen.


Hmm, Fargo should be in my list somewhere too.

Too damn many films!

Well, I can give you a few to consider-

Les Diabolique
Double Endemnity
20000 Years In Sing Sing
Maltese Falcon
The Big Sleep
Rear Window
Key Largo
High Sierra
The Petrified Forest
Get Carter


Now, that’s a good list. I’d ignore a fair whack of films since 1990. All those Mafia films are all the same to me.

But for me, most of the great crime films were made between 1930 and 1960.

Add in Usual Suspects, LA Confidential, Fargo and Chinatown.

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Cyrus the damn Virus

You could add Phoenix and Bale to that list.

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I’m surprised Nine queens (remade in English as criminal) and reservoir dogs haven’t made anyone lists yet.


That made me think of ‘The Secret in their eyes’.

Ricardo Darin is a great actor.

Godfather II
French Connection
To Kill a Mockingbird
Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs
Dirty Harry

Imagine a picture of me falling over in shock.

Ricardo Darín has hardly made a bad film, and there’s some ordinary Argentinian films around. Truman and A Gun in Each Hand are a couple of good Spanish ones he’s made.

His vignette in Salvajes Relatos was a doozy too…as the demolition expert wronged by the parking police.

I even saw a decent Argentinian rom-com he starred in recently…El Amor Menos Pensado…where he and his wife wonder what lays before them when their only son heads off to Spain to university.