Murder In the Outback- Joanne Lees

Don’t know where this belongs but the show on Sunday night intrigued me. Anyone else think Joanne was involved in the disappearance of Peter Falconio? She was cold as ice in those police interviews.

Yes, she was cold. Unemotional.

So she must be guilty.

Love your logic.


i was sick of seeing these adds on during the footy, didn’t think was appropriate if kids were watching.


Was nothing in that program not already out in the public domain.

Well… 1 of the reasons. Maybe the reason it raised suspicion. That and her story doesn’t at all collaborate with what was found at the crime scene. At the very least there’s more to the story that she’s not letting on. Her BF gets murdered in the Aussie outback and 3 days later she’s emailing a bloke she was having an affair with discussing how they’ll meet up in Berlin. :thinking:


So she was “involved”.

What does “involved” mean? Did she kill him? Did someone else? Who? Is he dead? If not, where is he?

Programs like this make me sick.


Did the program make any reference to the DNA evidence on her clothing ?

breaking news, people sometimes deal with grief in weird ways, more at 6pm


Yes it did. Said that a tiny sample of blood matched that of Bradley Murdoch’s found on her shirt that she was wearing that night.

The program itself did, but former jailbird Andrew Fraser omitted to mention it.

Insinuating she hired someone is not the right thing to do, but ruling it out as a possibility is. It surely would have been a motive in countless other murders. Spouse/partners are usually number 1 suspects.

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Just as a matter of interest, why would she need to murder him? They weren’t married. Why couldn’t she just tell him she wanted to break up and go back to her old lover? Assuming that’s what she did want, which is something of which there’s no evidence at all.


That would depend on the individuals and the nature of the relationship I would assume. Joanne Lees is the only person with possible motive. Doesn’t make Murdoch innocent. Id hope accessory to murder was investigated thoroughly.

Suspecting someone based on potential motive and their reactions can be dangerous. One of the best examples is the Amanda Knox saga - especially in regards to her behaviour after the murder occurred.


Exactly why Lindy Chamberlain was convicted. The media convicted her because of her demeanour.


It wasn’t demonstrative enough.


Everyone knows it was a dingo that shot Falconio


Was bad enough Channel 7 gave Pete Evans airtime for so long. Now the Falconio nutbags are being given a voice. Plumbing the depths.


Establishing motives for a crime is part of determining who suspects might be.

And having motive doesn’t make you guilty!

What was her motive?

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