Music You've Been Listening To


The timing of that post is freaky. I’d never heard of XL Capris until this morning when I was reading about John Farnham’s “Age Of Reason” on a blog and how it was written by the same couple from XL Capris who’d also written Dragon’s “Rain”. Edit: Just read that it was actually Todd Hunter from Dragon, who produced their albums then joined the band.


They wrote ‘my city of Sydney’?

Cracking tune


No mate, .they did a “Punk” cover of it for their first single. That was written by someone in the late 60’s.

Edit: Tommy Leonetti (Who?)


So you haven’t been following the SYHHIY thread then Jez??

I posted “Quiet World” in there, … ( twice, I think, thanks to the killed off brain cells)

First album wasn’t as good (IMO), . but was still ok, and I just found is also available in full on the Youtube, …


Nah, I dropped out of that thread weeks back when it seemed to become just another “post music you’re into” thread, haha.

Keen to give these a good listen when I have a chance, ta. It’s amazing that you can think you’ve gone through some genres and periods with a fine-toothed comb yet stuff keeps popping up you’ve never heard of time and time again.


XL Capri are juuuuust before my time.
I was 10, and into Adam and the Ants and not much else besides top 40 singles then.
Started…investigating seems a little formal, but I don’t know how else to put it, rock history a little bit, but anything kind of indie around that time was not on my radar.
And I didn’t hear of them later either, so I’m keen to give this a spin.

Thanks for the tip.


I wrote another song


Wow!!! and this didn’t make the cut!


I have no idea what the original song is, but I actually like this cover for a change of pace


The Velvet Underground
Animals (Floyd)
A nice little acoustic version of Watching The Wheels by Lennon.


New Royal Blood & new Melvins


A lot of Big Audio Dynamite, for some reason.


New Melvins was a bit hit and miss for me. I’ll give it another go for sure tho.




I played Violent Femmes s/t debut for the first time in around 10 years the other day. Best it’s ever sounded, blew my mind all over again. Add It Up is surely one of the coolest farking tunes ever written, reminded me when I was drinking my first ever beer in a pub at a party around the age of 14 or 15 and it came on, my mate and I were talking about it for days, and asking anyone and everyone if they knew who sang the “why can’t I get just one ■■■■?” song.


Wandered into the local op shop today for no particular reason. Found a few little bits of circa 1994 gold. That’s the rest of the weekend sorted


close to perfect


Agree on Add it Up…it just builds and peaks perfectly,
Kiss off, Gimme the Car are also my favs from the Femmes.


Good feeling, won’t you, stay with me, just a little lo on ger,

Always seems like your leavin’, when I, need you here, just a little lo on ger ….

Great track. Always seems to pop into the head first when I think of them.

I think the others may have just got thrashed too much back then, … and then every ten or so years when the next gen finds them, especially Add it up…


Yeah, Good Feeling really stood out to me this time around. I’ve been singing it for days. Admittedly I thrashed the “hits” and never gave the album the respect it deserved from start to finish. Promise is cool, To The Kill has a vocal that had to have influenced Black Francis a lot. You think they’ve almost run out of ideas as it gets near the end and then Gone Daddy Gone and Good Feeling bring it all in wonderfully.
(I’m going by the vinyl track listing, iirc Ugly/Gimme The Car we’re tacked on the cd)