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similar vein. P.O.W.E.R. Melbourne 3 piece. a recent review on noisey…
“Though members have spent time in punk and hardcore bands such as Kromosom, Dribble, and Soma Coma, Power is pure raw rock that draws parallels with the first Stooges album, the boogie of the Coloured Balls and the Aztecs 1970 album The Hoax is Over. It’s rough, loud and very Aussie.”


Buffalo - 70’s Aussie Hard Rock, be interested if this band was big back in the day, still rockin tune that holds up well


I feel there has been a great disturbance in the Force


Hahaha ■■■■■■


My fave version of my fave Bowie track.
A song about Chernobyl.


I used to go see live bands a couple of nights a week for years throughout the 70’s , and although l heard the name a couple of times, l never go to see this band play. l am not surprised this was filmed at the Hordern Pavilion, as they were a Sydney band, short lived l think. I don’t recognize these guys showing up in any other bands, but they may well have.

Good old GTK. We used to watch it religiously every night, even though it only went for 5 minutes. It was required viewing for anyone who was seriously into music. Apparently l ended up on it twice, during that era.


Here’s the debut EP released on 22/9 via tough love records in the UK, track 3 is in german


Posted in the gigs thread that this is coming to Eastern Oz. Got so excited that I had to leave something here:


This is an oldie but a goodie. Something l like to call ‘sweet rock,’ and this song is as fine an example of sweet rock as there is to find.


Black Betty - Spiderbait
Stinkfist - Tool
Come To Daddy - Aphex Twin
Burn - NIN
Weapon of Choice - Fatboy Slim
Old Man Sam - back to 'bait.







Lots here from Jamie Robbie Robertson, late of The Band, and part Native American.


@mrjez and other s mentioned The Fall.
Victoria is on recurrent rotation here, pretty much thanks to rage back in the day, but I’ve never been tempted to explore further.

Had a mate who was a big wrap for This Nation’s Saving Grace, though.


The Fall - Extricate is the only album I have. it’s worth a listen, but probably not my style.


Yeah, I’ve been going through their whole 70s/80s catalog. Same, I always knew Victoria, which must’ve been the only clip Rage had.

From about 80-83 is generally regarded as their strongest period, and while I like those albums in part (I owned a couple at some point in time) I don’t think I need them in my collection. Hex Enduction Hour, Perverted By Language, and This Nation’s Saving Grace are worth a few listens to see what you think.

Many of the singles from that same period are very good. “Totally Wired” and “Kicker Conspiracy” are cracking tunes, a great way to sample them in brief.


Spotify is really good for that sort of thing.
I’ll give them a crack.


Gurges bassist solo album