Music You've Been Listening To


25+ years ago. Hard to recall where all that time went.


It was so hot that night, hotter than it is now. I stood at the bar and drank about 12 VBs while my wife to be jumped around in the mosh. Great night, remember everybody leaving and collapsing on the lawns outside.


I went earlier in the day to the all ages gig. Pretty memorable, but I can’t find the set list or audio to match. Palace was a pretty decent venue in its day.


I think this guy could be something:


I challenge anyone not to tap there feet to this




For fans of Strung Out… Fat wreck bands


Saw the strung out retweet last week!


Nice of them hey! Was stoked


Classic Album



Gotta be a bit of No Use For A Name in there too.

Where/when do you guys play?


Supporting unwritten law Feb 23 Frankston
Then Brunswick hotel April 27


Who was it that called me out on Wolf Parade a while ago? Was it you @mootsy? Or was that The Voidz? Or both?

They got back together after like 7 years and their new album is awesome. Like this one the most so far.


Reckon I already posted this, but if not, just love the rhythm in this track


Unwritten Law, good guys! Played a handful of shows with them a good 20 years ago!


What band were you in?


It was called Caustic Soda. We got to support some touring melodic punk bands in the 90s and played heaps with bands like Bodyjar. Fun times!


Nice, I’ve only just recently gone back to listen to some of your stuff. Was a great time to be a fan in the Melb music scene, hope you had some good times.


Yeah, I was fortunate to have the chance to experience that 90s scene in a band, as I never really had the talent to make a career out of music. That’s great you’ve given it a recent listen! We pretty much released all we recorded, one takes, underdeveloped songs, demo quality stuff, some of it’s kinda cringeworthy now, but there are a few keepers in there!