Music You've Been Listening To


Bonzo, BSD and any other drummers out there will appreciate this.


My band released a new EP. Songs about losing loved ones too young


Been enjoying 90s garage punk gems on YouTube recently. There’s an ace Mummies session. Here’s one song:


Been giving the debut solo album “Sweet Unknown” from Erica Wennerstrom a few listens.

Really good, … Shes the singer from a band called Heartless Bastards some may have heard of. If you like them or say The Charlatans and their ilk, you’ll likely enjoy this as much as I do.

You can stream the whole album at the bottom of this page…


Eamon Dilworth is an exceptional Oz horn player who worked with the Sydney based “Dilworths” for a time before heading off to the US to sew his roots and all that. He’s returned, as most do, and teamed up with a great band, including 2 of our best composers, the awesome pianist Alister Spence and the great bassist Jonathan Zwartz, and just released a terrific CD, available on Bandcamp called Viata. This is my favorite track, primarily because of his capacity to build and develop a plaintive but fetching theme into a powerful crescendo. Definitely needs patient and repeated listening, an issue in the modern era, I admit.
Wonderful music, and one of ours.


Anything Grand Theft Auto Vice City for some of the best 80s music you will find…also, check out the Talk Back Stations for some seriously funny stuff.
Here’s a taste.


Now I don’t know how many of you cool hip dudes go to the Cherry Bar, I’ve never heard of it, but my fav cult country duo played there recently, YES in Melboooorn!, and before you ask me why I didn’t go, well I’m over 60 and I’d look pretty weird fronting up on my own with the 20 somethings in their mosh pit, because I’m telling you now, my better half doesn’t like country music.
Anyway, do women really share lipsticks, that is so yuck.
And before any of the moral avengers out there nail me to the “Me Too” cross, look at the vid, most of the vanguard are women.
Anyway it’s Birdcloud’s greatest hit and I can’t get the tune out of my head, God damn it. “Honey I feel your…” what?
PS Is this the post modern version of a “Blow job”? And Jasmin keeps playing guitar the whole time, even when she’s horizontal. I thought only Angus Young did that.


Looks like you didn’t miss anything.


That was farking horrendous.


Found this worth a listen. And they might even be touring this week?

It’s underpinned by the drum and bass players from Fugazi, which should excite half blitz. Fronted by some kind of Jazz guitarist, an instrumental 3 piece.

I love a good3 piece, but I don’t know how many times I could Listen to this.


I got a advanced copy of Ghost’s new album…CAN I SAY! Unbelievable! Soo good


Something a bit different.


Listening to Harts.


Daughter’s band




Crossfaith lives!


prequelle is a nice album eh.



Cant get enough of it


Tried to have his wife killed, went to prison. Now out and the other members have joined him. TIM LAMBESIS is back