Music You've Been Listening To




Some would claim I’m not a “true” fan because of this, but I prefer Opeth’s prog rock over their death metal


For those old enough to remember, this is spectacular and a bit of fun . Somewhere back home in Oz, l have this stored away with the original picture cover.


Why doesnt ■■■■ like this ever happen to me when I go into a record shop?


If you know of Andy Falkous, (McClusky FOTL,) his solo efforts have come out under the handle “Christian Fitness”

His latest effort dropped a while ago.

Whether you either love or hate his stuff, . there’s no denying, it’s always interesting.


Fantastic. Get back to the DJ thread and stick it up em!


My fave Monkees song, because it is so atypocal of them. This is the only one of their songs that l ever bought, and is in this picture sleeve.


A fairly large deviation from my norm.
Heard one of DJ Z-Tripp’s songs on an Andy MacDonald skate vid he posted 2-3 days ago (which sounds nothing like anything in this video ironically haha) and been listening to him since


Love this woman’s voice so ethereal.



If you like guitar… a steve howe classic…


Anything by 5 finger death punch while watching our highlight reel of the past wins.
Its gold!



Look, some of my favourite artists are gay, I just thought it was funny.

And what about Joe Rogan’s hair!


New Coltrane? 55 years late? It’s good too, same line up as Love Supreme. Believe it or not, the story is the master tapes were destroyed by Impulse to clear storage space. Fortunately another copy was recently discovered.


Ghost- Prequelle

Fav album of 2018


Never heard this but as a Beatles nut its pretty farkn good. Thanks.


How good is this album? I’ve been frothing over it for weeks.


My favourite of 2018