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Currently my favourite song from the new PWD album


Yep got tix to see these guys soon. CANT ■■■■■■ WAIT!


Love the bamboos. Great live band


Peter Russell Clarke never sounded so good.


Where are they playing?
I saw them in Mooroolbark in March of 2006 and haven’t seen them since lol


Spent the last few days ODing on EST. Extraordinary genre benders
One of the great bands. What a loss.

This track is just so good.


Parkway? Margaret Court with The Art and Killswitch engage



If showboating gets cuter than this, it’s news to me. Irresistible.


Got your 6.
C’mon lets ■■■■ on the Swans


A very thin and very angry Robert Smith, having just been told to cut it short for Robert Palmer, decides to stretch it out.

PS. If anyone decides to set up a thread for angry live performances I’ve got Jarrett and Miles Davis lined up. And Nina of course!
PPS I hated Palmer too.


I put this out on my label


This just surfaced and if you appreciate Jarrett it’s absolute gold. The iconic American quartet with Charlie Haden/bass, Paul Motion/drums and Dewey Redman/sax, a truly stellar line up from 74 in hot form on stage, even though they were at loggerheads off it and about to break up.
Jarrett says he never “used” and got high on the music. The rest of the band were reported to use more prosaic chemical means.







Best live RITFW ever


Great farkn band