Music You've Been Listening To


they (Diiv) canceled their Singapore tour because the singer couldn’t get heroin. Very ■■■■■■ off they didn’t show.

Laneway a couple of years back.


Yeh caught em at laneway, dude loves the horse







Been smashing Celldweller doing my uni notes
(His music ranges from straight up rock to dub-step and trance, this song is kinda all trance/industrial metal)



What year


Biggest regret of my life is not getting to the his.
Fricken exams.


Which guy took the most acid.


Melbourne No3 1995…check out Flea!


These are must have shows


Very excited about The Bronx Australian tour. With a few regional shows added in Geelong & Ballarat.

Gonna be a massive tour.



My favourite Aretha Franklin song, the original and so much better than the Blues Brothers version. And better than Respect too, there I said it.

And she takes the Pres to church in her 70s.


If looks could kill.
Rule 1: Whatever you do, don’t do it when Mr Davis wants to solo. Herbie wasn’t listening.
Love Tony Williams’ “Here we go” face.



If you skated in the early ‘90s you had to have heard of Kirk and the Jerks