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And, maybe another for nostalgia


About as raw as it gets. A drunk on the end of a phone recording 2 white women, who happen to be two of my fav singers (look at previous posts if you think I’m fibbing) doing a tribute to Aretha. The quality shines through.


Over half the clip is spent on the build up, way too long.


Aretha refreshed. Fascinated with this clip with Aretha on piano and laying it down, as was her penchant on the ivories where she tended to pound it out, and then ■■■■■■■ round with the melody like few others could. People tend to focus on the power of the voice, and why not, but I love the way she manipulated the melody, behind and in front of the beat and stretching out the notes and heading to heaven like few others could.
No contemporary commercial diva could match her then. (or now?) Aretha knew too. Love the interview where she was asked about modern singers and she said of Taylor Swift that she wore nice frocks.


Aretha at 22 bluesed out.



l was looking for something else when l found this. For blues guitar fans it doesn’t get any better than this at the famed Apollo theatre. Looks like it would have been quite a show.


l had really bad sound quality on The Bridge Over Troubled Waters. So bad l couldn’t listen to the whole thing.

Edit: It is happening with other clips/shows on Youtube as well. It is not the clip, something else, probably dodgy signal.


A little Scottish outfit. Did 2 albums that l know of. This is my fave track.


l had forgotten about this little track. Then l remembered the title and…

This one sounds like The Smithereens, only better.


Favourite Dead Kennedys song, tunes on point and lyrics that stack up 30 years on.


Altar aka Words Seem Out of Place


I don’t think anyone’s mentioned this band before







Really good song, not such a good video though.


New Alice in Chains? Sure, why not…