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Properly Triple J’s greatest Live at the Wireless performance





There’s been all sorts of BS distraction around Aretha’s funeral and sure Chaka uses a cheat sheet behind the fan but she’s in fine voice and no-one, I repeat, NO-ONE, is more appropriate and thrilling and spiritual than Chaka. She even manages to bring the aging Jesse Jackson painfully to his feet. And why not, I’d throw away crutches for her.
And watch the last two minutes cos Chaka ain’t finished when you think she is.
PS The conductor sure earns his money, or years off purgatory if it’s an unpaid gig.


Jesus @GiventoFly74… you need to get into the DJ King thread and raise the bar.
The music quality in there has been reasonably dire of late…


My all time favourite Bonne Raitt track, a cover of Richard Thompson’s When the Spell is Broken, superbly backed by the 5 Blind Boys of Alabama, and that silky slide guitar. Just an enormous track, especially if you like Bourbon.




For Jarrett fans only (that’s me at least).
Fascinating early footage, pre Koln concert no less, from the Umbria festival before it went commercial.
Interesting to note his tolerance for on stage photography, needless to say it didn’t last.

Tempus Fugit and all that.





This one just builds and builds. Stuck in the 90s sorry not sorry.