Music You've Been Listening To





They have some great tracks. Probably prefer Spine if God, as an entire album though.


Yep, fair call.


I’ll have to check that out, later.
Really, really liked Voices from a few years ago.



For a while there they seemed they would be ‘the next soundgarden’ but I dunno what happened, maybe it was the drugs, maybe music changed.

Have you listened to the EP TAB…25? It’s only got about 3 songs and goes for 50 minutes.


Cant say i have. But i just downloaded it off google play so I’ll have at it tomorrow.

Just saw the tracklisting. First song goes for over 32 mins. Not bad…


I’m no musician, or a stoner, but it just kind of works as a track, on a great sound system or headphones, there’s so much to it.

Def get your .99c worth if you’ve downloaded it.


Truly 2 of our great musos are back doing gigs and this promo vid shows they’ve still got it. Nowt wrong with standards either.
Their “Tender is the Night” cd from nearly 2 decades ago is still a personal fav.









They’ll be huge


Close your eyes and this makes perfect musical sense, open them and you risk a migraine. Film editors should let the music speak, or sing, for itself. Jarrett from 74. Wow.