Music You've Been Listening To


This chubba wubba can rock it:





Holy ■■■■, I just had to reply to this 21 days late. Matt Hensley and Ron Allen sections, Eddie ‘el gato’ Guera tearing up the sketchy old pool in the badlands of town. I bought this s/t on CD in the UK about 15 years ago, lost it eventually. There were some great bands on the vid that didn’t make it to the CD, think most of the bands were mates with the guys in San Diego and a Ron Allen track.

Someone has mentioned that Kirk unfortunately, is doing it rough these days.


Cool tune. I skated around that time and watched a tonne of vids, but can’t remember hearing that artist or tune.


It’s was a seminal vid with a good albeit eclectic soundtrack.

Just went and watched a few more oldies, Bootleg, Next Gen, and the Blind Vid Questionable. There a fair bit of content that still stacks up.


Yeah, I remember skate vids helping us get into stuff like Cruz Records and the like. There’d be a lot of lost gold there.


Yeah loads of stuff from those old skate vids. 411VM used to have song titles too. Pre and early internet era, they were a great resource.