Music You've Been Listening To



Started listening to the new Disturbed album Evolution on my way home from work. Only a few tracks in but not sounding too bad.


Looking forward to my first Bronx gig in a couple weeks.




Jarrett’s latest just surfaced and I’m in heaven.

Typically he challenges the audience from the get-go. Love it!

More conventional stuff follows, of course.

He’s about to receive the prestigious Venice Biennale Golden Lion for career achievement, the only Jazz artist to be so honoured. If anyone coughs during his acceptance speech, watch out.


I’m the opposite, I recently thought I never realised how cool that track is, reminds me of Wire. The chorus lets it down a bit but the “somebody’s out there, somebody’s waiting” build up is catchy as.



Chronically overlooked band! None of their albums were perfect (plenty of filler), but geez they had some fantastic singles!

That said, I don’t like this megamix at all. It reminds me of the Mi-Sex retrospective that came out at the end of their career (this was on it), which remixed several of the tracks (including Computer Games and Space Race), replacing the original drums with the same oh-so-80’s mechanical drums used on this mix. Absolutely none of the tracks were enhanced by the remixes at all, and it saddens me that this is the only still-available product from Mi-Sex!!!


Don’t like this mega mix?
Challenge accepted!
Go to it.

I agree, their singles are killer.
I don’t agree, Computer Games needed updating. The original is sooooo slow and the remix puts the energy that was intended back into it.

Love Shanghaied! of their lesser tracks, too.

I do wonder what Nile Rodgers would have done with them.
It’s a shame the US only picked up on Castaway which I do not like. That friggin’ basic chord hook, puh-lease.

Edit: the b side is ‘Son of Non Stop Sex’ which I’ve never heard but would like to.


Maybe it’s because I have such a connection to Computer Games (it and Video Killed The Radio Star were the first 7" singles I bought).
The original 7" single of Castaway was better than the US-recorded album version, but yep it’s still not a great song really. I always wondered how they would’ve gone with a Nick Launay or Steve Lillywhite doing the production. Bob Clearmountain just made them sound like Simple Minds (the pedestrian, stadium-rawk verison of Simple Minds)…


Seen em 10 times easy I would say…the best rock n roll band on the planet… Matt is an absolute beast of a front man


Check out - The Patient from Melbourne. I wrote a song recently…going to be out soon…very Bronx esq





Yeah, buddy’s have been telling me for ages, and I’ve just never bothered, but what I’ve heard is really good.




Just listening to Greta Van Fleet’s debut album…these boys could go a long way

This is the opening track