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Tremolo effect on the guitar sounds good also.
Left handed too.
As the best ones are…

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This album is better than I remembered. Turn it up!


I had it on a few weeks ago. Great stuff.

Cocteau Twins’ eps from around 83-86 are nothing but gems.

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this IG page is amazing

From a really outstanding and diverse album. Struggle with the whole Scientology thing with Beck, but I can’t deny this album.

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Mike Patton have me permission to like Bacharach. Occupies a completely different place to most of the music I listen to. Something very teenage and sweet about it. Infinitely hummable.

A teaser for the upcoming new Rolling Stones album “Hackney Diamonds”.

This is my favourite track by Cockney Rebel by far, it is epic in sweep and execution.

See my similar post earlier @Captain_Jack in responses to @wimmera1 .

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Will do. I don’t venture in here as often as l should.

It is creative, but not even close to the most creative. Peter Gabriel alone has at least 2 videos that are way more creative. I am of course talking about Sledgehammer and Steam.

Big Time went OK too…

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And here’s the first single, “Angry”. Sounds good to me and a great video too.

The album will be released on 20th October.

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Didn’t think much of that.

The only track of theirs that I’ve liked since Dirty Work was this from ten years ago.

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Goodness me - there’s a metric ■■■■-ton of processing on Jagger’s voice there…

I don’t understand why modern engineers feel compelled to do that. He’s not a technically great singer, and never will be. To try and artificially make it so is just wrong.

Garrett’s voice on the most recent Oils was processed to buggery too, and it made him sound robotic in parts. Just as Jagger does here…

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I’m more about the menacing sound and lyrics than Jagger’s vocal sound.
I didn’t say it was great, I said it’s their best since One Hit.

Tune is ok. It’s like anything new by ACDC, it just can’t compare to the back catalogue.

I love the treatment of the clip. Classic LA and anything with Sydney Sweeney in it gets my vote.

I was talking about the new one - so much vocal treatment!
The one you posted? It’s not bad (certainly more my cuppa than Angry). Not essential, but OK.
Personally, I didn’t mind a lot of the Steel Wheels album. Again, not essential but a reasonable enough listen.

Fair enough.

Angry feels like they went back in their shell.
To me. I mean, I’m not the arbiter.

It’s weird…how…safe they got?
In their last thirty years.

When they had Start Me Up, Waiting On A Friend, One Hit, Harlem Shuffle, Undercover (which Doom and Gloom is kind of a pale imitation of).
They did Emotional Rescue…which they were not equipped for, but they did it.

I guess I prefer a cover of Undercover to a cover of…Brown Sugar with all the controversy removed?

Edit: And I’m just gonna say before I move on…the guitar on Undercover made all the pretty young things run and hide.

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