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I probably don’t expect a bunch of guys in their late 70’s-early 80’s to be taking too many chances. They’ve played it safe for years and have effectively been their own cover band for the better part of 40 years. Can’t blame them really… no one really goes to a Stones show to hear anything from the last 40 years, do they?
What I really don’t like is modern engineers hijacking a band’s sound, and tricking it up for modern radio. The Stones have always had an earthiness about them, and tarting that up with production bells and whistles does it no justice.

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I learned this year that this album cover is the band members faces (and haircuts).
I never saw it in forty years.
It made me feel good to know that, and I hope you all feel the same.

Every Little Thing just played:

It’s Maggie Mae now, and this song makes me want to deep dive into Rod Stewart…but not enough.

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And yes, I worked overnight last night, which means every song is the best song ever.
With the possible exception of Angry.
Why are you a thing?

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Goddamn I can’t get over Outside World.

In terms of musical progression.
It’s like…where tf did this come from?

Maybe this and Only The Strong should have been released as a 12”.
I dunno.

Have you ever seen the Only The Strong documentary on the making of 10…1? It’s up on YouTube (or at least it was).

It has Hirst and Moginie in the studio with Nick Launay going through individual tracks and discussing the happy accidents, production tricks etc. which went into them. They clearly have the multi-tracks at hand, so Launay can solo individual tracks, play with faders etc. Fascinating stuff.

All of it in the pre-digital age too, so manual tape splicing, non-automated mixing, manual dropins/outs etc. Such a landmark album in Australian music, and the one which put Nick Launay on the production map. He was only a kid (mid 20’s) at the time too. Before that he hadn’t produced much… was tape operator on a couple of XTC albums and had engineered some Public Image Ltd and Siouxsie & The Banshees singles.


For me it’s almost the clinical time spacing of rock and new wave.
You get thirty seconds of this, and thirty seconds of that.

But far and above, it’s the progression for me.

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Moving on…
What sticks in your craw most?

US ignoring Falling In And Out, or Blue Day?

The whole world ignoring Blue Day and Only Thinking was criminal!!! It’s a terrible album, but those two tracks were as good as anything they’d done. Phenomenal singles band…

It took some German electropop poppet (similar to Kylie) doing a cover of Blue Day for it to do anything in Europe…

I was reading about Nick on PiL’s Flowers Of Romance recently, and how they dropped Lillywhite and got him in. That album sounds ridiculously good up loud on my setup.

Speaking of great sounding albums, pumping Sons And Fascination right now. Whilst the tunes themselves aren’t exactly top shelf the musical ideas, playing, and production (just seeing it’s Steve Hillage, who produced Real Life two years later) are excellent (something in the water in 1981?). Great transitional album.


Do we know for sure the stones didnt all die some years ago and this is all Just AI

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Keith Richards can not die.

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When Mick Taylor left (and Ronnie Wood came in) I left as well.

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Wow there is a band I haven’t heard in a very long time. My friends and I were absolutely obsessed with their first EP when it came out penance and paitence or something like that. When their first album came out temples or whatever it was it was definitely good but didn’t live up to the expectations we had from that EP.

I remember driving out to Werribee to see them at some public hall, great live show in front of a pretty tiny crowd.

Great to see they are still alive and kicking, that song wasn’t my favourite of theirs but it’s such a distinctive sound it took me straight back, look forward to the album

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hearing Phil Collins voice in songs on the radio the other day it never occurred to me how annoying his voice sounds and how terrible his lyrics are

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Bloke blew up…but he has some amazing songs…hopefully he records properly soon

I know I post her a bit, but the new Olivia Rodrigo album is pretty…pretty darn good.

Love 1,2,3,4, 6, 7, 10, 12.
12 is gonna go off at the end of her concert, which I will be attending.

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