Music You've Been Listening To

Yep. I was there for the first 2 Sunbury’s. Lobby Lloyd never took the stage without a ciggie in mouth as far as l can recall. He originally played with Thorpie, but struck out on his own.

Doing my best of Wrapped, as previously mentioned, and this popped up from 2018.
I mean…the actual track itself is awesome…
But can we just appreciate the complete audacity of a band releasing two #1 absolute banger singles, and then making this the first track of their debut album? 13:41!!!

It’s kind of amazing that they went to garbage immediately after this.

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Was so, so close to playing this as my “W” track in the last BDJ. Should’ve… the 7" version obvs… 13’41" wouldn’t have got me anywhere…


It’s a 5 from me.

Now you’ve got me wondering…
Was the track expanded or condensed?

Because if it was condensed, from that, into a killer single…that’s friggin’ amazing.

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Khruangbin vibes

That time of the year again. Best thing about Xmas I reckon. Decent version only a year old.

I love me a Rolling Stones cover.
Nicky Hopkins was a beast.

Massively condensed…

Although in true Frankie fashion there was a raft of 12" singles with different versions that focused on different parts of the full album version.

It’s a killer track… pretty much all Trevor Horn and his merry band of studio musos, and very little of Frankie. No matter… a great track is still a great track.

They begin their live set with this. I think they’re pretty comfortable with it.

Speaking of condensing…
This will always blow my mind.

Just a bunch of fifty pluses, lazily jamming in a few minutes what we looked at for ages and went…naaaah.



Good for them.
As I said, it’s great pop.

Wow, production is pretty special. I really enjoyed listening to the album in its entirety.

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Getting near the end of the Chardy :clinking_glasses:

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Although it is decades since l last heard this (since my record collection was in storage for 30 years), l think my copy of this album had a different cover.

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I remember when young Nathan burst onto the local recorded music scene at age 14. I reckon he wouldn’t have been allowed into clubs to play, being so young.


Andre 3000 has always seemed like an interesting personality and this piqued my interest recently.
Turned me back to an old favourite.