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That is the cover l remember.
Thanks for that.

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Hopkins was my equal favourite rock pianist. He did great work not only with The Stones, but also with Steve Miller way back when he made interesting music and not the radio friendly crap he became better known for. Listening to this l can see why l never really rated Jerry Garcia as a guitarist, and after hearing this, l still don’t.

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Wild Horses. Can’t say l really enjoy this version. It has something to do with the fiddle and the banjo, but also the vocals are too far back in the mix and the tempo is too quick. All the charm of the original has been lost.

I will give the early Steve Miller a listen this week.
Nicky Hopkins must of been a wild child to be asked to leave Garcia’s given the culture surrounding Garcia/dead.
I’m finding Garcia to be one of the biggest hit or miss musicians, and I can’t seem to figure out why. The dead and Jerry still have a massive following considering he’s been gone for nearly 30 yrs.

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Gave this excellent album a run this morning to celebrate Keith’s 80th birthday.

Put shuffle on my Spotify playlist and this a sleeper from the last decade.

So is this:

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Mondo Rock - Live at Billboard 1985

Doobie Brothers - Down along the tracks (Live Album - 1979)

On a recent trip to Sydney, I did my customary pop-in to Redeye Records and (as usual) walked out substantially cash poorer. Playing over the shop sound system was this raw, jangly, punchy fusion of early Devo, early REM, early B-52’s and The Fall. Loved it, asked what it was and duly purchased it. A one-man band from Sydney called R.M.F.C with an album called Club Hits.


1981, frenetic loose jangly fun.

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I recommend the first 5 albums and Recall the Beginning…A Journey from Eden. Hopkins also played with Quicksilver Messenger Service at times.

@wimmera1 and @BAAKKEERRRR do you have any suggestions for similar songs? I’ve been on a war path looking for some songs similar. Owner of a lonely heart and Rebel yell give me the same vibe…

Trevor Horn (who produced Welcome To The Pleasuredome) had a very distinctive “sound” (lush & almost overproduced) through the 80’s and into the early 90’s. Anything he worked on has a similar vibe, so that includes things like:
Owner Of A Lonely Heart - Yes (so… tick)
Slave To The Rhythm - Grace Jones
Two Tribes or Relax or Power of Love - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Poison Arrow or Look Of Love or All Of My Heart - ABC
Crazy - Seal
All The Things She Said - Tatu
Dr Mabuse - Propaganda
Belfast Child - Simple Minds
Left To My Own Devices - Pet Shop Boys
Cry - Godley & Creme
The Trevor Horn remix of Instinction - Spandau Ballet

As far as similar lush, OTT productions from the 80’s generally go, you could try things like:
Red Rain or Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel
Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Bonnie Tyler
Pour Some Sugar On Me or Photograph - Def Leppard
Rio or Hungry Like The Wolf or Wild Boys - Duran Duran
Higher Love - Steve Winwood
Out Of Touch - Hall & Oates
Who Wants To Live Forever or One Vision - Queen
Forever Young - Alphaville
Sowing The Seeds Of Love or Shout - Tears For Fears
Drive - The Cars
Wood Beez or Absolute - Scritti Politti (get stuffed swoods… just thought I’d get that in)
Infected - The The
Here To Go (Go Mix Version) - Devo


If you’re after that sort of production, I’d recommend Billy Idol’s Don’t Need A Gun, To Be A Lover, and the B Side/Album track Beyond Belief.
I mean you probably already know them, given you said Rebel Yell, but you might have forgotten them.

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That’s a great list.

Throw in Art of Noise’s Paranoimia, particularly a fan of the 12".

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Yeah, good call… Close To The Edit too.

I’m trying to think of songs with Pino Pallidino playing bass… his fretless, heavily chorused and reverbed bass was really the sound of mid-80’s big productions (well, that and Phil Collins’ big, gated drum sound I s’pose…).
I can’t quite remember examples of Pino right now other than pretty much Paul Young’s entire catalogue (but especially Wherever I Lay My Hat and Everytime You Go Away) and Tears For Fears’ Woman In Chains

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His Love of the Common People, yeah.
So different to the original.
I know it’s cutesy and mawkish, (and soooo overproduced, obviously) but I really like it.

Don’t Come Around Here No More?
Or am I getting a little off track…