Music You've Been Listening To

Been pulling out Albini engineered records today, so here’s a little selection:


Probably not the first and not the last time I’ll post these…

I think…only the KLF compare in regards to me loving every song I’ve heard from them and having no desire to hear anything else.


Also…as far as rock myths go…

Lead singer goes missing in 1995, announced presumed dead in 2008. No body ever found.

How do you even…continue as a band like that?
‘Where’s Richey?’
‘I dunno…’

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Nope… Richey wasn’t the lead singer. Rhythm guitarist and lyricist. And in true punk fashion (a la Sid V), he was a rudimentary player and barely played a note on their studio recordings. Nor did the drummer (on the first album at least anyway).

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There you go.
I did say I only know their (relatively) big songs.

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I’ve only got a couple of albums and a greatest hits. I was in the UK when that infamous Melody Maker (or was it NME?) cover came out… the one where Richey carved “4REAL” into his arm with a stanley knife. Made a ■■■■ of himself and caused a right ruckus…

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Took a fair chunk out of his arm in the process, blood everywhere.

Yeah, I remember that.

The only Manics in my collection is the CD single of their quite excellent cover of the Theme From M.ASH., “Suicide Is Painless”.

Richey’s disappearance and presumed manner of death is a macabre coda to this release.

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Just listened to a couple of their albums after all the chat here…can’t say they did much for me at all.

Knowing what you’re into probably not. The Holy Bible and Everything Must Go are largely considered their peak.

They’re the two albums I listened to.

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I find his voice is the weakest link. Musically they’re fine.
A Design For Life and Masses Against The Classes are their peak for mine. Don’t mind Your Love Alone Is Not Enough either…

There’s something reassuring about a man rocking this hard into his 60’s…

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I’m actually a little…disappointed…that you can’t appreciate the…60’s simplicity mixed with modern production of Autumnsong.
It’s the best song the Gurus never did.

It’s just…joyful.
And the build that is everywhere, but comes to its peak from 2:35 to 3:00…

I mean…I wouldn’t go this far, but…

“Godlike Genius Award” in the 2008 Shockwaves NME Awards.

I bought a record the other week. It was a gamble based purely on the hype sticker stuck to the outter plastic. Its called Circuit Rider. The hype sticker reads as follows:

" This is the ultimate burnout biker-psych masterpiece. Finally repressed directly from tapes to flawlessly restore the cigarette burns, Harley fumes, and cocaine hangovers of the original ride, Circuit Rider is a 40-minute recipe for mental breakdown. Included on the Acid Archives’ list of Top Ten LPs Most Likely To Be Owned By A Serial Killer, Circuit Rider went lost on the same journey as Kenneth Higney, Nicodemus & Matchez, YaHowWa, Boa, Heitkotter, Dave Lamb & Gye Whiz, Raven, Fraction, and—sure, why not?—The Doors"

Now, after reading that, I just had to have it. It did not disapoint. My instinct is to describe it as The Doors on acid. But, the Doors were already on acid. So i guess maybe The Doors on BAD acid…like really bad acid. With maybe a hint of Tim Buckley…and a good helping of insanity.

Word is, it was recorded in 71, lost, then found somewhere years later and pressed privately in 1980 with only a few hundred copies making it into the wild. After which it became a highly sort after weirdo rock oddity, fetching ridiculous dollars on the underground record collectors market. In 2016, The Numero Group record label repressed it and is now widely available.

This is the opening track, which is rather tame. I can not stop listening to this record. Its like that really hot, but really crazy chick you went out with in your twenties…you know its wrong, but you just cant stop.


Loving this. Stumbled across Slow Pulp in error and it’s transported me back to 90s in a beautiful way.