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Also this beautifully emotive song from the latest MGMT album.

It gives me an original take on the folk strummings of yesteryear with a dose of Elliot smith and the Beatles. Love the lyrics perfect capture of 2024

Highly underrated and misunderstood artists

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Each to their own

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Tasty guitar


Help needed!

I’ve just received an email telling me that " YOU ME AT SIX are one of the most beloved British rock bands of all time" are touring Australia for the final time.

I have absolutely no idea who this band is.

What am I missing here?

Those of you who know my general tastes music wise, should I be listening to them?

You and me both, swoods. NFI who they are.

Shouty, Linkin Park type emo if I had to guess, but that’s purely me hypothesising…

Edit… the first hit on Dr google says thus…
" You Me at Six’s musical style has been described as pop-punk, alternative rock, pop rock, post-hardcore, emo pop, and screamo".

On that basis then, happy to be blissfully unaware of them…

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Na, they are lower level ■■■■■ compared to some of the top liners touring. Saw them with bmth in 2019

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Yeah just sounds like 5 million other bands running through the same hackneyed sounds.

I think I looked it up a while ago and he’s a producer for Coldplay. Which…kind of shows.
If you find them shallow and glossy then I guess you’d feel the same way about this, but I like it.
It makes me feel good.

This…is not like that.
But I like it all the same.

I am still listening to this and i still dont know hoe @mrjez didnt win blond DJ.

My car goes faster every time i play this

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I haven’t liked the last few Guster releases, which have been smothered in modern (over)production. Their latest album largely returns to the more organic and acoustic sounds of Keep It Together and is all the better for it.

AI has arrived and it is wreaking revenge on humanity

Missing the trio live is one of my great regrets. A rare gem from the archives.

In light of Blitz’s meltdown today I was forced instead to go the Box Hill Record Fair. The price of records now!.. Had to exercise great restraint in not completely emptying the piggybank.

With some judicious shopping I was able to gather a nice haul… was particularly pleased with H&C’s Talking To A Stranger 7 inch ($1 thankyouverymuch, and pristine condition) and Models’ Cut Lunch 10 inch ($7).


I used to have the UK 12” but sold it on cos the two tracks were already on the album. Then I realised later it was a Mike Howlett mix of TTAS - do you know if that sounded much different from the original?

The new James record, “Yummy” may well be album of the year

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I was looking at that today actually. The 7" single has a 4’39" version on the A-side (called “Michael’s version edit”) and a 7’19" version on the B-side (called “Our version” which I guess is the album version).

The version which was on the Collected Works greatest hits album is a 3’58" edit, so I’m going to be interested to hear exactly what this single has on it. Must plug the turntable in and find out.


Great pick-ups, both of them.

Edit: actually, a pretty good haul overall.
I still give What A Life! a spin on actual vinyl every now and then.

It’s always annoyed me that the CD version of this has a different tracklisting to the original album. The CD version most widely available here has the US tracklisting - which removed several songs and replaced them with US-remixed versions of Desperate songs.

I ended-up mastering my own CD with the correct tracklist from the released cassette of the album. Obviously not a great source sonically, hence me picking up the vinyl this weekend in order to master a better CD copy.

I’ve since found out that a small boutique US label released a 2CD version of What A Life a couple of years ago, which restores the original tracklist, and has the US tracks (as well as other curios, B-sides, out-takes etc.) on the additional CD. Reviews of it I’ve read suggest that its mastering has been brick-walled to buggery though, unfortunately…

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