Name our Home base


Should have called it Hangary Jack’s in honour of Jack Jones 93 birthday.




“The carlton football club Essendon suck Tullamarine training facility”


The LiveJasmine centre


Live jasmine is so 2000s, its all about


Yeah, don’t push it …


LiveJasmine not generally associated with pushing it… more like pulling it.




No surprises here, but the video is good.

Welcome home.


Stolen from Blitz, again.

Should have TM’d it @Riolio.


wasn’t in to the name before.

watched video.

sign me the heck up to The Hangar!


I read with interest Essendon supporters (most likely those with deep pockets) have financed the name Hangar to offset naming rights sponsorship. Like how the word Hangar is very inclusive.


The Hangar - A great name for a great place, a great team and a great home for The Mighty Bombers situated in an Airport precinct. It just fits and I like it.


People still believe that ESSENDON, the war bonds club, willingly decided to not accept sponsors money for their home base?

Maybe, just maybe, they tested the market and nobody was really interested?


I believe Xavier himself discussed the naming vs sponsorship in his video.

I was a big proponent for not throwing a sponsors name on the facilities to build an identity over the next period of our clubs growth. Glad it got over the line with the help of some friends of the club that felt the same way. Certainly nothing to do with sponsors being disinterested.


Look I think it’s a great idea, I like it, but if a company came and said they would pay squillions for the rights then I just don’t believe Essendon would ever turn that down.


I don’t wanna be sold.


Tbh I agree on this. I love the name and the idea of creating it to uniquely suit us. But I’d imagine if a juicy enough offer had been put to us, we’d have taken it. The sentiment of it is fantastic, but to a point, given it doesn’t help pay debt.


Read Katie’s post again… especially this bit


Which sponsors and how much tho.

If we were offered $40 for it to be the Betocchi Ham Hangar I can understand the change of direction.