Name That Song! - Audio Quiz #3 - Quiz in OP

So lockdown gives you lots of time at home to kill so i’ve put together an audio quiz.

Requirements are simple. Name them. Numbers are in the video.

Unlike the other quiz there is no prize, no heroes, no leaderboard. Try to name a couple of the songs and help others out by dropping hints if you know more. Feel free to share and discuss with others what they all might be!

Audio Quiz #1

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Audio Quiz #3

Feel free to share thoughts on the format as well.

Love it.
There are some that are driving the Wim family trust nuts, but….
Weather With You - Crowded House
Saltwater - Julian Lennon
Hold On - Wilson Phillips
I Touch Myself - The Divinyls
Rhythm of my Heart - Rod Stewart
Stand By You - The Pretenders
Be With You - Mr Big
Kiss From A Rose - Seal
The Sweetest Thing - U2
All I Wanna Do - Sheryl Crow

There’s a swell there at the start which is particularly frustrating.

Sorrento Moon - Tina Arena

I guess my last post til someone else answers, but Seriously appreciate the effort.
Thank you.

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You’ve covered all the ones I knew and then some.

Thank you.
Love Is All Around - Wet Wet Wet

I all wanna do is make love to you - heart

walking on broken glass - annie lennox

vogue - madonna

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I made it fairly easy to start with!

fair warning everyone, i am one hundred times better at this format than just reading the lyrics

1 daryl braithwaite - horses
2 annie lennox - walking on broken glass
3 wet wet wet - love is all around
4 bryan adams & mel c - when you’re gone
5 crowded house - weather with you
6 rod stewart - rhythm of my heart
7 joshua kadison - jessie (note: i knew the song but had to google the artist)
8 wilson philips - hold on
9 pretenders - i’ll stand by you
10 divinyls - i touch myself
11 mr big - to be with you
12 seal - kiss from a rose
13 take that - back for good
14 u2 - sweetest thing
15 tina arena - sorrento moon
16 rod stewart - motown song
17 ub40 - falling in love with you
18 sheryl crow - all i wanna do
19 julian lennon - salt water
20 heart - all i wanna do is make love to you


I was gonna 16 but I thought surely not two Rod Stewart songs.

So I just need to get seven and I win?

Well that’s tip of tongue frustrating…

…ow betteeer, you’re ….

@soulnet if i know what a song is and what it’s called, but have to google who it’s by, does that count?

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When you get nineteen on your own it does.

alright well i’ve thrown it in behind the spoiler tags

I’d spoil that too.
Well done.

Should’ve discussed it here. This is sort of more a group effort kind of thing. Maybe become a phone a friend helper :slight_smile:

Next one will be shorter samples. This was just a trial to some extent.

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We’re not all savants like Simmo, you know.

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ah ok. will keep that in mind for the next one. swoop in and clean up the last few once people have gone mad.