Name your top 5 for delisting / trading and reason why

Can’t use a poll, too many options, but want everyone to name the five players that they think need to be shot into the sun, never to return again. Remember there are pesky little things like contracts, unless you are happy to pay them out.

For me, the five I want to see the back of forever are

  1. Gleeson - Today was the final straw. You can forgive skill deficit, size deficit, being beaten by the better man deficit, , but a non negotiable is heart, and when he ran straight past the Melbourne player instead of putting his body on the line, that was the last straw for me. Don’t care what his contract status is, tear it up and get him out of the club.

  2. Cutler - Know he has another year, but he is another who refuses to put his head over the ball. You could find 500 players in suburban comps that offer just as much skills wise and so much more in hardness.

  3. Begley - has the skills, just doesn’t know how to find the pill, which was the knock on him when he arrived and it hasn’t improved since.

  4. McKernan - Thanks for your services Shaun, but as a forward we need you to kick goals and you just haven’t this year, when we most need you to step up.

  5. Mutch - much like his surname, hasn’t shown much, and I am sick of the club carrying dead wood.

the next five would have been:

Hibberd - but I think he has shown a bit, just wish they would play him as an actual mid.
Hurley - might have a tad of value to another team, but if I’m being honest, very little left to this one.
Townsend - apart form a couple of cameos, really has done five fifths of ■■■■ all
Fantasia - another with some trade value, possibly a mid second rounder if the buying club felt they could get his body right
Francis - sorry but he is a bust at this time. Would be lucky to get an early third rounder for him. He is struggling to get a spot in what is arguably the worst team in the competition this year.

Have at it.


No changes for mine.


Just get SPP in

McKernan has already been delisted mate.

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Hibberd, Townsend, Cutler, McKernan, Gleeson, Mutch, Begley delisted.

Francis, Saad, Daniher, Fantasia traded.

Bellchambers and McKenna retired.

Hooker, Hurley and Zaharakis should “retire”, but will have another season.


TBELL,mcKenna,Smack gone
How many more can we delist?

Cutler if we could?

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Taking into account the players that have contracts for next year. McKernan is already gone too.

1 Begley - doesn’t have footy smarts.
2 Mutch - unfortunately injuries have not allowed him to prove his worth. Like many others, doesn’t have any standout qualities.
3 Townsend - doesn’t impact the game enough
4 Hibberd - if he’s not playing the big bodied mid, what’s the point of keeping him?
5 Gleeson - been in the AFL system for long enough. Gone backwards after his injury. Not quick enough to play on smalls, not strong enough to play on talks.

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I haven’t seen anything on that

Press conference.

When was that, would like to check it out

Most of the board



On top of Bellchambers, Smack, and the Irishman:


  1. Daniher (Judas, selfish, never fit, plays a game every 1/3 games)
  2. Hurley (Predictable and middling, massively overpaid, plays a game every 1/2 games
  3. hooker ( body shot, to slow, Will miss, plays a game every 1/3 games)
  4. Gleeson (Weak, loose & lacks courage which used to be one of his things.)
  5. TBC. ( Spent, Philipps is way better plays a game every 1/3 games)
  1. Gown- Hasn’t shown a thing clogger needs to go

  2. Gleeson- Too small and don’t think he could play any other position

  3. Zaharakis- The definition of selfish soft footballer. Now too slow indecisive and soft to carry

  4. Mutch - Too slow although goes in hard maybe another year

  5. Smack - but retired so saved us from chopping him

  6. Cutler - I’ve seen 6yo kids having a 10yo running at them put their head over the ball harder than this guy

  7. Dodoro should delist himself after 15 years of drafting sticks

  8. Patrick Ambrose - hurt too often and really hasn’t done much more than some of the kids

  9. Mitch hibberd - great vfl player but that’s it

  10. Put a rocket up the following players to either buy in or nick off
    Saad , smith , Shiel , Hooker Hurley, Merrett, Daniher, Francis , Fantasia.
    Ever since the saga the club has been run by the players who are sooks and want their own way tail has been wagging the dog for too long

  11. Xavier - just go to the afl where you want to be and stop screwing the club up


I’d keep Brasher and punt the rest of the Board, Footy Department and CEO. The fitness guy is in sights too. Start with the top, they set the parameters of acceptable and not acceptable performance by the Club.

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It wouldn’t surprise me if they forced some guys to retire


I love JD… (unless he leaves). U can all gagf…hope we sign him for 5 years.

I think Francis has interest which is why he isnt being played.

Mckernan has been delisted.

Doubt Gleeson will be offered another contract given the success of Ridley and BZT.

Prob delist a couple of kids who havent played afl and aint going to make it. Wouldnt know who.

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