Nathan Brown


Wanted Bellcho to bury that gigantic octopus head into the turf then sit on it and read a paper.


Rough conduct charge.
Intentional high impact to the body.
2 weeks pending any early plea/discount.


Just had another look at the Saad incident.

Saad’s head hit the ground before his body did.


Judging by the Franga hit last week…no case to answer.


Late. Knows it. 5-6. And he’s kicking himself, not for the 5-6. Move on.


Heartwarming apology at the end there.
Too cute.
Enjoy your holiday.


$2000 fine


And the rest.




What are you talking about Wim? The AFL will produce some stills that show no head contact at all.


Any more than 2 is irrelevant, surely that witches hat is going to taken out the back and shot at the end of the season.




His head hit the top of Brown’s shoulder. 4-5 weeks


Even if it was shoulder on shoulder (very debatable), it is worse than Camerons hit.
Cameron couldn’t avoid contact and chose to make it worse.
Brown had no right at all to even touch Saad, no right.


Essendon player at fault. Gets off


Ran into this bloke a few weeks back at a bar in Richmond and had a brief chat with him. Is a decent bloke off the field.

Weak act tonight which will end his season.


Lot more deliberate than Gaff. Very very late.

I expect a $1000 fine and Patrick Keane posting blurry screen shots to show there was no contact with the head.


Cowardly snipe. 5 weeks.
Essendon player the victim. Down to 3 weeks.
Non bums on seats player being charged. Stays at 3 rather than going down to 1 week.


I think it’s a 3-4 week hit.


Yeah, I dunno. Late bump, 2 weeks.