NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!

Not many are at my and LBJ standards.

It’s going to take at least a month playing together in the league for the Celtics to start producing what the talent in starting 5 should, just like when LeBron and Bosh went to Miami.

I think the Celtics over paid a little but that’s just me.

Surely LeBron definately leaves the Cavs now in the off-season.

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IT will demand Max contract next year.

I like it, Kyrie is a star. Just look at his last two playoff series.

Draft pick are always over rated - Anthony Bennett was no1 pick in 2013 - now no longer playing in the NBA.

IT - is an interesting one, he is not the passer that Kyrie is and I am not convinced he can keep up in output of last year. I think it has been overplayed due to his size. How will he go, with lebron bringing the ball down?

I think Celtics get to the finals

Woj tweeting that Thomas failed medical and Cavs looking at ‘options’ at completing the deal, could possibly void the trade.


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Lol, this offseason is crAzy


He will be right.

Lebron sacks doctors because they said his friend is cooked.

Cavs get a draft pick rd2 2020 ha

All that posturing just to get a pissy 2nd rounder.

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In 3 years lol

So the two Larrys paid my office a visit today.



Bogut signs a 1 year deal with the Lakers!

I don’t know why we need him but okay :joy:

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Rim protection

Just letting everyone know i am doing a NBA season preview podcast in the next week. I was lucky to get Tom Moore who is one of the popular newspaper journos writing for the Sixers in Philly. We have a chat lined up with him from the US on the weekend.



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At least it’s just a one year contract.
If we could manage to dump Deng’s contract we could add a top 5 pick, Paul George and another star player.

Probably still not good enough to make playoffs next season, but shouldn’t be struggling.

I don’t know how we could get that as it stands we won’t be getting a first round pick at all this year let alone one in the lottery.

We’d have to practically give up a top 5 pick I reckon in order to move Deng’s insane contract off the books.

■■■■■. I didn’t realise we’d traded our draft pick to the 76ers.
I don’t think we’ll be that much better than last season.

We are the Western Conference version of the Knicks.