NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Suns balling all over Boston early


It’s a shame Draymond isnt playing.


An absolute debacle for the Celtics so far in Phoenix. Kyrie the only starter to score in the first half. 4 Celtic starters have ZERO points at the half!


D Rose in full flight is something to behold


I think it’s the other way around…
Celtics are stinking it up!
I think they had their eye on tomorrow’s game and mentally banked this one already…
Just hope we hang on!


Going to OT



Well we stuffed up that one!


Celtics basketball!! Defense got us back in the game, then we started making shots. Kyrie is back!


You beat the Suns. That’s like a footy fan getting excited by their team beating the Suns.


Warriors getting smacked.


Points in the paint is like 70 to 24. I know that GSW are a 3-point shooting team but that shows they are getting bullied inside. Milwaukee’s length really troubling them. Having said that if they can get hot from outside no lead is safe…


No Green made a it lot easier for the Bucks.


he aint changing a 50 point differential in the paint.


Probably not, although I think the dubs packed it away in the 3rd.
Curry had a groin strain too?


Note to self, do not associate with a team nicknamed ‘Suns’


Wow Fultz is absolute trash.

Bolden looks like he can def play.


Wizards are junk this year something definitely stinky there and Philly choking lol


winslow has taken some truly terrible shots today.


Winslow is the most frustrating player.