NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Yeah! Cause he loses all his other skills if he shoots from beyond 10ft :roll_eyes:

At some point he’s going to have to start making jump shots.


Can he get us an Olympic medal first?


Jazz are stinky.


Yeah a far cry from how good they were last year.

Happy Miami got a win today. Josh Richardson has developed into a real well rounded player.
Winslow still as unpredictable as ever and shoots way too many air balls. Wonder when Waiters and JJ will return to complete the lineup.


@rylandoz ■■■ that Miami vice court


■■■ is censored?

edit: what about zomg?


Do I need to visit OPSM?


I can’t wait until LeBron retires and installs himself as a coach of a team

… only to realize that coaching without LeBron in your team is actually quite hard


They have drafted very well!
What they have done with their picks in the 20s puts the Suns lottery picks to shame.
If Nets had 2 lottery picks in the last few years they would be top 4 in the East.


I read that Dudley said the nets have the most development coaches he has experienced at other teams before.


I guess they had no other alternative given they gave up all their picks to Boston.


I heard the same thing on a podcast yesterday…
Their GM is a genius, even if he is a Kiwi.


They did a lot of smart trades…
It wasn’t the current administration or owner that made that trade.


Sixers v Pacers has been a good watch. Oladipo is going off!


Good won by the Sixers in Indiana. Ben had a nice game, still can’t shoot FTs but 16/10/8 is a good stat line…


White side popped off


If the 50 point game didn’t convince you D-Rose was back, today’s game v Lakers should’ve. 31 points, 7/9 from beyond the arc. He’s got the hops back. It’s beautiful to watch. LA held on though.



I am pretty happy if I am a Pacers fan


Great trade for them that was panned at the time.


Bucks v Warriors on today. I’m really looking forward to this one. Purchased League Pass earlier this week, absolutely loving it!