NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!



KD still good


Anyone watching KD. You won’t see better than this


Kawhi defense still best in league.


Ben Simmons talking on Triple M this morning said he still has the Collingwood jersey given to him…mate…burn that ■■■■ now


World Cup Qualifier on tonight.
Boomers vs Iran on Fox506
Up 43-24 at half time.


who approves dwayne russell commentary gigs? the guys a ■■■■■■■ brick.



The NBL commentary is actually quite good IMO, except when that arsehat is on the mic.



51,49,44,32,27 - averaging 40.6 over the last 5 and still has time for burner accounts :stuck_out_tongue:


is he playing?


spo looking fly af.


He is playing, I was tripping. Lost a fair bit off our lead near the end of the half there.


Winnable game for Suns, oh look, Booker and Warren are out. Ariza starts on fire, oh look he’s benched after 6 minutes after going 3/3.


Knicks beat the Bucks in OT.
We still suck but atleast we are better to watch this season


Gordy gets 30/9/8 as the Celtics win on the road at Minnesota. After such a horrific injury it’s good to see him start to get some form and rhythm back. Marcus Smart has been remarkably good starting at the 2-guard spot with Brown out…


76ers win again, they are starting to put it together and are now 17-8. Butler is very good in the crunch moments.
Simmons with 19/12/6 and 2 steals.
TJ McConnell so much better as the back-up PG.



Booker injured again. Looked like a hammy but they didn’t mention him on the Lakers feed I was watching.


Saw this on Yahoo in our fantasy comp.
"Devin Booker did not return to Sunday’s game after tweaking his left hamstring, finishing with six points, one rebound, two assists, one block and one turnover in 17 minutes.

Advice : Booker was in some obvious discomfort as he limped back to the locker room just prior to halftime, and this is certainly an injury that could cost him multiple games on the sidelines. The Suns picked up another loss today, bringing their overall record to 4-19, so they obviously won’t be in any rush to bring Booker back. Word is that that Zion Williamson fellow at Duke is pretty good at basketball."