NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Yep. He joined an already stacked team that produced the greatest regular season record in NBA history. He’s got easy rings. LeBron didn’t join a 73-9 team when he made “The Decision”.


Kyle Korver traded to the Utah Jazz for 2 future 2nd round picks.


Lebron teamed up with a couple of HOFs - one being a top 5 player of this generation and stacked it with Vets

and he still lost to the freakin Mavs!


Not one not two not three…

Wasn’t a superteam though.



& alex burks


i dont get it for the Jazz.


I think it’s more a “we’d rather him play a few minutes a game for us rather than come off the bench for another Western Conference and light us up.” Type move.


The suspicion is that he’ll be moved with Favours for Otto Porter Junior.
It still seems like an overpay.


love watching the mavs, kings and timberwolves.

doncic is something.

d’aaron fox is amazing

loving the rose revival


Personally KD is my favourite current player but I think LBJ is a better player and has had the better career. I think KD may never quite achieve the absolute maximum of his ability and attributes.

I am not one to sling poop at him for moving to GSW, you do what you have to do to win. Nobody criticised gary payton or karl malone for moving to the Lakers with Shaq and Kobe when the Lakers were pretty much the best team for a few years. The only silver lining in the cloud that the Lakers losing was that those two players did not win a title (as far as I can remember).


Payton won a ring at Miami in 2005. The difference with him and Malone going to LA is that they were at the end of their careers, so chasing a ring was fair enough. KD made his move at the peak of his powers and joined an already great team.




That is fair. Shame about payton winning at Miami.


KD hasn’t even been the best player on his team. At any point.


Seriously why is that a problem? It is called seeing an opportunity and going for it. GSW and KD should not be criticized for this move whatsoever. In business you would call his move a win every day of the week. Just bitter people trying to take someone down.


For the record I am not big on saying that a player is no good if they don’t win a Chip. Or if one player wins 6 that they are/were better than someone who ‘only’ won 5. If a player is great I don’t think it is necessarily their fault they did not win.

For example Patrick Ewing is my second favourite NBA player of all time (3rd if you count Gaze) as far as I am aware he did not achieve the ultimate success (I am a little foggy about what happened once Ewing left the Knicks I think he went to the Sonics and the Magic but success eluded him at both clubs as far as I know). That said David Robinson who won a billion championships was not that much better a player than Patrick (in my book Patrick was better than the Admiral) but deciding who was better is probably an exercise in splitting hairs and chuck in Hakeem to the conversation and it is probably a great topic for discussion at some point.


Dont talk smack about the admiral




What about when Pippen and Barkley joined Hakeem and Drexler at the Rockets?
Barkley may have been regressing but Pippen was at his peak. He was still plying well when he moved on to the Blazers.

The KD GSW thing and how it is reported vs the 90s and early 2000s is a factor of how much circular media there is nowadays (twitter, 24/7 sports channels dedicated to NBA and NBL in USA, etc).

People should just enjoy watching these guys play rather than tearing them down comparing them to players of yesteryear. at least wait until they’ve finished their careers before comparing them.


If it was purely about championships, then Bill Russell is unsurpassed as the GOAT. 13 seasons, 12 trips to the NBA finals for 11 rings. Jordan’s 6-0 record with 6 Finals MVPs, plus all the individual accolades across his career puts him as the popular choice of GOAT. LeBron has a 3-6 record in Finals, but he’s taken some seriously ■■■■ teams to the Finals, such as Cleveland 2007 and 2018. Even though they got swept getting them there in the first place was a feat in itself. Beating the 73-9 Warriors after trailing 3-1 and having to win Games 5 and 7 on the road is the highlight. If he gets the Lakers a title and becomes the first player to win at 3 different teams, all those trips to the finals, the career numbers he will have by the end of his career. I thought MJ was unassailable as GOAT but I think there can at least be a debate about it now.

As far as Durant goes, I will not change my stance. Winning on an already loaded team, that’s real impressive. Imagine if after 1990 MJ, after losing again to the Pistons in the ECF, decided to join the Bad Boys? That’s what KD did, “I can’t beat you so I’ll join you”. This is not a shot at the Golden State Warriors organisation or Steph, Klay, Draymond, etc.