NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


LeBron going off in the first half against the Spurs.

Up by 15 with 5-6 left in the second thanks to some incredible plays by LeBron and Lonzo and then end up going into the half only up by a few.

Total shambles this team defensively and yet you look at Walton on the sidelines and he looks like a stunned mullet. So far out of his depth it isn’t funny.


WOW! Greek freak!


Love to know how much these refs have been paid by the Spurs.

■■■■■■■ unreal!


He will probably start there, it’s reallg good for him


To me he looks their 5th guard don’t think he’ll be starting


I don’t think they are ready to hand the keys to sexton yet are they?


They already have.
You’d have Delly 3rd in line after Sexton and Clarkson.


Dat Doncic stepback :heart_eyes:


He’s come up big in some clutch moments in the past 2 games. ROTY for sure…


Clarkson plays the 2 though


Wouldn’t say “for sure” but yes he’s just ahead of Ayton right now.

On stats alone Doncic is averaging:

32 minutes, 18 points, 6.5 rebounds and 4 assists

Whereas Ayton is averaging:

31 minutes, 16 points, 10 rebounds and 2.5 assists

As the season goes on, Doncic will hit more shots, he’s taking a lot and around 42-43% from the field whereas Ayton will start taking a lot more.


Celtics hand the Bulls their worst ever loss.


Trevor Ariza to LAL for KCP and a “draft asset” is a rumour doing the rounds. It’s Adrian Wojnarowski reporting it, so it must be pretty close to the mark…


Oddly enough…
I’m not sure he’s the right fit.
We need shooting guards not more small forwards.
When is Ariza’s contract up? KCP’s ends at the end of this season.


Would be a good get and a good fit for the Lakers.


Yeah first time I got to watch any of him, was vs the Rockets

Playoffs Doncic would be great to watch


They are both expiring deals.

Ariza is the perfect 3 & D player that the Lakers are crying out to put next to LeBron.


Understand that, but I’m not sure benching Kuzma or Ingram for Ariza isn’t going to resolve the problem next year if we were to keep Kuzma and Ingram.
It only works if one of them is traded.


Keep Kuzma 100% over Ingram, if it came to that. He can easily average 20+ ppg in the coming seasons.



If you have watched Ingram play so far this year, I’d be happy with benching Ingram and having him with the second rotation because he just isn’t developing the way he should be if you ask me. Been very underwhelmed with his output whereas Kuzma seems to have adjusted to playing next to LeBron.

I reckon the Lakers will try and make a package deal for AD at the deadline.