NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


It’s clear KD isn’t going to join Lebron. I doubt Kawhi will. I can’t recall who else is a FA, but our best chance is going for AD.

The AD trade is a hope.
Kuzma is the only one with decent enough trade value.

Unless they are willing do a complete reset and move Holiday and AD for Lonzo, Ingram, a heap of draft picks and half of our 1 year contract players, I’d be surprised if they trade him when they have salary cap space to continue building around him. It’s just whether they can attract a player to want to stay in New Orleans.

But Boston (for example) have far more assets to offer in any AD trade.


first flateathers, now moonlanding deniers, NBA is full of bricks.


whos denying the moon landing?


Steph Curry


these people…smh


Didn’t Kyrie Irving try to claim that the earth was flat?


Yes, apparently to be an elite guard in the nba these days you must also be an idiot


Watch the passing, post up skills, ability to drive to the rim. He can go for a triple-double ANY NIGHT and is in his second season.

But he doesn’t have a jump shot?

Get the ■■■■ out of here. This kid is the real deal and he is an Aussie. Take a moment to appreciate how great this is.


He is awesome.

He also needs a jump shot.


Embiid with 23 and 13 at half time. Mojo returning with Butler out.


Give him time. It’ll come.


4th in the league for scoring and 1st for rebounding.
And… he’s been struggling?

What the hell are you people reading


Delly getting the MVP chants


He himself said he had struggled since Butler came across. Isn’t happy with Brown wanting him to play more from the outside.


has scored more points in two Cavaliers games than he did with the Bucks for the season up to his transfer.


gees that James Harden can play


Suns can’t even trade properly!!!


I can’t recall this ever happening before!


I think it’s turned out alright for the Suns now…


Agree. I think we come out on top. Especially with Oubre Jr.