NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Yes, very.
18, but being a Thons cousin he could be 26 :joy:
And yes he is, and keen to play for the boomers too


He certainly doesn’t look 18, seems to have a bit of weight to him for an 18yo 7 footer from Sudan.

How does he project? Is he a genuine guard or will he be more of a stretch-4?

  1. Apparently
  2. 18
  3. Born in Sudan before moving to Perth at age 1. Qualifies to play for Australia so that would be the likely destination.


All of this African immigration is gonna be very popular after a couple of Olympic cycles


the weight thing is interesting, given 17 years on a western diet I’m not surprised he is thicker than the other Makers we have seen so far.


Worth every cent!! And combined they’d be less than what we forked out for Ariza.


To me, in that clip, he didn’t look like a guard. Love to see a bit more work down low, he looks better built than Thon is already.



There’s no doubt that growing up outside of a refugee camp (and the circumstances that drive people there) would be good for a young boys frame; but you don’t see very many well built 7 footers at 18yo. He must be feeding in a pretty good paddock


Blown out by Miami today. Never looked liked it.


Lol at Hayward on 40mil a year


Seen the injury he pickled up last year? Not so funny eh? He’s only just started to get his legs back…


Some game going on in San Antonio. In 2nd OT Spurs have a 4-point lead with 1:30 left. LMA 52 points!


Spurs win in OT2
LMA with 56
Patty was handy and played most of the overtime periods.


Yeah sure probs not a lol at Hayward more a lol at Boston.


doncic is actually otherworldly.


he’s very one sided.


Kelly Oubre has been enormous since being traded to us. Another 26 points off the bench and a surprise W against Denver.

Without Booker too.


@rylandoz the heats pretty fun to watch now, with winslow bossing it at pg and wade on his farewell tour, just need some more dion waiters heat checks.


Simmons with a 20/22/9 game, but the 76ers only just squeaked past the Knicks.