NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Do the Wolves not realise that the bulls ain’t done ■■■■ since Jordan left?


Anyone still wanna whinge about the B Simmons was-he-or-wasn’t-he out of bounds??

Durant taking 3 steps out of bounds then scooping the ball to a teammate.


It really is just not the same when Lebron is not playing. Going to be sad when he finally retires!


Please be wearing Knicks Guernsey next season. Us long suffering Knicks need something.


I hope he gets to the Knicks too.

The Cavs will somehow land ANOTHER #1 pick though.


They should be commended for their tanking ability.

Knicks always close the year out with a few pointless victories that has them around pick 5-10


Simmons probably narrowly missing another triple as the 76ers build up enough of a lead to do their normal q4 switch-off.


The Knicks can have Zion only if the Bulls get RJ Barrett.


Hey don’t leave the Suns out of this conversation!!


We’ve actually shown a lot of promise this season for the future.


If I was Brett Brown I’d be playing them 36 minutes anyway for the conditioning. They will need it come playoffs


What are Holmes and Oubre going to cost us at the end of the year?
Could be 10mil+ each…



76ers playing terrible halfway through the second quarter.
Wizards looking a lot fresher after the game yesterday.


Simons having a stinker. 0-5 shooting & 4 TOs


Ce;ltics with arguably their best game of the season, blew out Indiana at TD Garden. Good contributions off the bench from Brown and Hayward. I think we might be figuring out where all the pieces fit as we move into the 2nd half of the season…


Delly with 17 & 7 today, Cavs didn’t play him too much in the 2nd half to ensure the loss!


Some good games today. Bucks win away at Houston despite another 42 from Harden. Dallas beat Phoenix, Luka 30. Lakers playing Detroit at Staples at the moment…


3 Questions.

Is he good?

How old is he?

Is he Australian?


Kuzma is dialled in. 32 pts and not even half way through the 3rd.