NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Didn’t say it didn’t happen. It’s just extremely rare.
I’d be very surprised if the 76ers help Boston get AD.

I thought the main reason AD has been linked to Boston is because Kyrie and the Brow are good mates and want to play on the same teams.

That’s why there’s talk of Kyrie joining AD and Lebron in LA.


Celtics absolutely blown Charlotte out at the TD Garden. Good spread between the likes of Tatum, Brown, Horford, Rozier.


Supporting Miami, along with Essendon is really not very good for my blood pressure.


Eat a fukn bag, Maguire.


Dallas just made a great trade


The unicorn to Dallas?


Wtf Knicks.


Porzingis, Hardaway Jnr and Courtney Lee to Dallas for Wesley Matthews, Dennis Smith Jnr and DeAndre Jordan. Importantly for New York, Matthews and DAJ are expiring contracts whilst they are shedding multi-year contracts for Hardaway Jnr and Lee. Kristaps is a RFA at the end of the season and expressed concerns on the direction of the Knicks.

This could be a great trade for both parties. If Porzingis returns from injury as he was, one of the brightest young stars in the NBA, his partnership with Doncic could be special and a great successior to Dirk. For NYK they have cleared salary and now have around $75 Million in cap space. I take this as a fairly sure sign they have one max Free Agent (Durant) pretty much close to locked in, with room for another, whether that’s Kyrie, Kemba Walker, or someone else. If they land Durant and/or Kyrie/Kemba, and then strike lucky in the lottery with Pick 1 (Zion), then you have the making of a pretty good team.


I don’t mind that trade at all. Both teams could be winners there.


Dennis Smith Jnr is a good young player too, but he’s fallen under the shadow of Luka. That’s a great pick-up for NYK and someone they can go forward with. He surely could play the 2-guard if they signed one of the major FA Point Guards as well.


Embiid to the news


Still think Dallas are the big winners there.


Wow that’s a massive trade outta nowhere


Dallas have the more known quantity in KP, but there’s still the issue of whether he comes back after the ACL as good as he was, and also the fact he’s 7’3" coming back from such an injury there’s always doubt. Plus he a RFA this summer, so whilst they can match any offer he might get elsewhere, he’s not a guarantee to even be there after July 1. This deal only works for New York if they can nail some big name Free Agents this summer.


Yeh, fair call about the ACL recovery. But if the unicorn is as good as he was, look out. The west will be ridiculously tough.


That’s actually a good trade for both teams.

Knicks had to throw some talent in to dump Hardaway Jnr and Lee’s combine $30mil per year contracts.
They can now get two max players next year or even go hard at AD given they’ll likely get a top five pick.
I like DSJ but how many small guards does New York have? Mudiay, Nitikila and Burke. DSJ should get a starting spot but you never know. This is the Knicks afterall.

Dallas get a future star (even though he’s been injured for 12 months and has another 6 months to go). He’s out of contract at the end of the season, but they’ll probably sign him to a one year contract and allow him to push for a better deal. They set themselves up for the 2021 group of contracts once Hardaway Jnr and Lee expire.


Might be a good trade for Atlanta too, they get Dallas’ pick this year and surely they win less without all those guys this year before getting KP next year


@smooth Why the hell would Kevin Durant want to play for the Knicks lol.


Because he realises the rings he’s got at GSW mean very little. He’s seen as a bandwagon joiner, he had to join the team with the greatest Regular Season record in NBA history to win. If he can bring success to a struggling franchise like the Knicks, who haven’t won for over 40 years, then that looks pretty good on the resume. He cares about that stuff, he’s a sensitive guy, why else would he have his own burner Twitter account?


Agree and who else is going to give him a Max and have the profile of the Knicks…
He won’t play with LeBron, he isn’t going to the Celtics…
Turning the Knicks around turns his reputation around too