NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


They are just an absolute rubbish organisation, with a terrible team and he would most definitely NEVER win a championship there, unless they could somehow attract 2 other superstars (good luck with their track record).


Let’s see how they get on with the Draft Lottery. I don’t know why but something tells me they might get lucky and get the #1 pick. If so, that’s a game changer because that’s Zion. You get him and have room for 2 max deals. Guys will join. Pie in the sky, but if they get KD, Kyrie, Zion, they have Dennis Smith Jnr and Kevin Knox who can play, if that happens and they fill out the rest of the roster will role players and veterans, you’ve got a team. They wouldn’t have made that trade if they weren’t confident they’ve got someone in Free Agency.


Mean very little? They mean the same as every other championship ever won.


I’m sure he looks at them on the daily and feels a sense of emptiness…


You’d think the Rockets will pick up Jordan if/when he gets bought out. Going to be very tough to beat.


DeAndre? How the hell could they possibly afford him in their Salary Cap?
They will be good once Capela comes back. Faried been good as well since they signed him.


Jordan won’t get bought out, he’s a pending FA. Precisely what Knicks want. If anyone is getting bought out it’d be Courtney Lee. Hou would be a good landing spot for him


Ben made All-Star reserves


Holy ■■■■ Detroit are a steaming pile of horse ■■■■. Playing a team who just got ripped in half at home and getting pumped. Lols I would be booing the ■■■■ outta them


They do suck, but I think they should be able to come back and win this game.


At least Rowdy Broekoff is getting some minutes now.

I think the trade is ridiculous by virtue of the fact that the Knicks traded Kristaps Porzingis who is still on his ROOKIE DEAL, for cap space


LeBron apparently set to play against the Clippers today.


Far out which game to watch? 76ers vs Warriors or Lebron vs Clippers ahhhhh.
First world problems!


That’s not the case. They traded Hardaway Jnr ($18M next year) and Lee ($12M) to clear cap space. They put Porzingis in there because he’s a pending RFA and having had discussions with him realised he wasn’t sure on the direction of the franchise and preferred to be traded if a deal came up. Dallas weren’t going to take on $30 Million worth of bad contracts for next year if they didn’t get anything else in return. According to ESPN the Knicks will also be getting an unprotected Dallas 1st rounder in 2021 and another protected (1-10) 1st rounder in 2023 in the trade. So in all, New York clear $30 Million in bad salary next season, now have room for 2 max Free Agents and have trade assets in those first round picks. Dallas get a potential top 5 player in the NBA in Porzingis, provided he is fully healthy and stays with the team, the perfect replacement for Dirk, and linking up with Doncic should be an exciting prospect for Mavs fans.


Knicks payroll:

Cleared the decks for 2019/20 and beyond.


surely they have a few verbal commits.


This guy is an actual sports writer…


GSW V Philly is a fun game. A bit of spice to it.

If Steph cools and Jimmy Buckets heats it could be a boil over.


This thread should be free of the rubbish that Rappapport (he’s actually an actor) and Bayless deliver.
The most ridiculous ‘media personalities’ by far. But they do it because it makes them millionaires…


Bolden says NOO