NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Less said about that the better.


Was watching in my hotel and thought yep it’s safe now, double digit lead early in the last. Then walk over to the mall just across the road and I see the Cavs put on 43 in a farken quarter and we have lost


We really need to improve defending the perimeter.

Two games in a row teams are throwing up three’s at will.




Bogut playing good minutes


looking good out there too. 10 boards in 16 minutes is a good effort


Simmons is 2 boards away from another triple double


If the Sixers can keep Embiid and Simmons together, they are heading for something very special



Joel sees Randle as BBQ Chicken.


This has actually been humiliating.


Lonzo - 2-5-2.

Holy moly I reckon he’d be feeling it.


Did not want the spotlight


Embiid, 14 from 20 for 46 points.


Embiid’s line is ridiculous
46points (14/20), 15 reb, 7 ast, 7 blocks

I think it was 19 or 21 points in the 4th q.


Just looks like he is having fun out there too. Looks so easy for him



Good point, well made.

Ball is balls.


The game was on TV at work but I missed a lot of it, but I saw Randell trying to defend Embiid… Now I just looked at the boxs scores and I have to ask… why didn’t the Lakers play Bogut more/at the end?