NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Yeh that’s awesome and all, but Lonzo Ball got 7 points today. And shot 30% from the field.

So easy to see why theres more hype.


There isn’t much ‘hype’ around Lonzo.

In fact there has been more heavy criticism in the last three weeks.
Shaq started after a week.

Having said that…
I suppose there is no need for a guard who can score 20 points (on 46% FG) 5 rebounds and 5 assists.



Whats the hype like in the Melbourne media?

He should seriously be the leading sports report every night


KP was a pleasure to watch sat night, pity about the game blew out to 30 points and the starts were benched for the whole of the last quarter at least.

The Garden love him and it is quickly becoming a bit of a fortress, loud chants for ‘MVP’ when he was going off in the first half.

It’s going to a fun place this year, pity about the choke against the CAVS


It’s actually fun watching the knicks for a change.

Kanter has been a great addition.


If you call criticism hype, then yeah…
There’s been hype.

There was hype during preseason, but since around the second or third week of the season, it’s slowly turned to criticism.
As I noted, Shaq started with the criticism after his first week (and rightly so).

Stephen Smith, Michael Rapaport, Shaq, Charles Barkley and Jason Kidd have all critiqued Lonzo in the last fortnight. Mainly on the back of his Kyle Langford style of intensity.
Don’t think any media is actually praising Lonzo for what he’s doing / not doing.


Yeh Kanter has been huge.


Would have to be too 3 for offensive rebounds/put backs

Gets destroyed on the olde pick and roll though


I might be getting ahead of myself but I am SUPER amped for Celtics run extending to 13-0 today and having GSW visit next.


I don’t think you understand what the word hype means.

The dude’s Dad has - and continues to - use him as a vhicle to sell ■■■■, by talking him up as the second coming of Jesus meets Lebron meets MJ. Media have lapped it up, and run it word for word. The UCLA star going to the lakers, even without all the rest. Shoes, contracts, media appearances, everything. About 4000 more tweets than Simmons. Then all the promo the Lakers put out and the coverage that gets, and all of this in the LA market compared to Philly: THAT is hype.

Now hype is a part of the US sporting landscape, and always will be. But you’ve got to walk the walk, or you’ll cop what he’s copping now.
Which is a reaction to the (so far unjustified) hype.


Simmons and Ball go head to head tomorrow


Simmons strikes me as the kind of guy who will be keen to make point.


Looking forward to this one



Night and Day


Good win by the Knicks today. Didn’t realise how big the NBA is in the Philippines. Massive billboards everywhere and in the airports there are TV’s showing games 24/7. Atleast 3 or 4 TV stations in Manila that show live games.
Managed to watch the Knicks from the comfort of the pool bar at my hotel in Boracay, $1.50 beers an added bonus


Kuzma racking it up while Ball struggles. Simmons could triple double from here.


Hardaway Jnr is starting to get some confidence back.

We have contributors across the whole floor for the first time in ten years. Great to watch.


Yep, I’m getting a lot of enjoyment out of having a crack atleast. Even when we blew a decent lead against the Cavs the other day :sleepy: