NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Brick City in San Antonio as Steph and Klay stink it up. Spurs win.


To be fair, Spurs played great defence


Placed a cool hunge on the bulls today, nothing surer than the suns tanking today.


Late out of Oubre with a thumb injury definitely helped. NBA generally don’t list a team sheet til tip off


Spurs are playing some very good ball at the moment. 9 straight!


Geez Milwaukee are suddenly looking like genuine contenders

Such a long team


“Team with best record in the NBA are a contender”

here’s Paul with the weather


It’s great for the NBA that so many so-called “small market” teams are up there in contention. Milwaukee, Denver, OKC, LA Clippers, Brooklyn, Indiana, Toronto. It’s easy for all the hype and exposure to be on the perennially successful franchises or the big market teams like LAL, Boston, NYK, but there are a number of well run franchises out there.


Sixers and Celtics today. Mini final


Classic 8 point game.


It’s more important to Philly than Boston IMO. They wouldn’t want a series sweep v the Celtics this season, Boston having won all 3 games so far. The likelihood of a first-round match-up is now unlikely, Philly should hold the 3rd seed from here and it looks close to nailed on for a Pacers-Celtics 4th v 5th series.


I thought GSW was going to sweep the finals this season so to me it is a genuine surprise.


Sixers struggling v the Celts again


Sixers go to water. Need to hit their open shots. 39% from the field

Celtics hitting everything


Baynes hobbling down the race :frowning:


Celtics are deep into the Sixers heads


when you jump into some one like kyrie did then thats no foul…dont begrudge embid just placing the ball on the free throw line i would have been just as filthy

momentum just changed right there


No Baynes or Smart - Sixers need to find a way


no thats old skool a bit of bang and barge from emdid,something that i miss


Smart embarrassed and overreacted.