NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Rockets up by 7 at 3Q time.


Durant is unstoppable. 41 points, 6/10 from three. Rockets up 4 with 5 mins left.


Harden with a dagger 3. Rockets up by 6 with 47 secs left in OT.


Houston hold on. Harden with 41. He cops plenty but he was immense tonight. His eye still looks really bad…


Just Fark off Houston


Steph Curry was the worst player on the court by some margin. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him play that bad.


Playoff Steph.


Man Kyle Lowry is a sook.


Is Leonard the best player in the NBA. He is unstoppable


Sixers lost it at the start of the fourth. Need to put a gap on before Leonard reentered the game


that 6 minutes killed them.

Jimmy Buckets tried to do it all when he’d gone cold.

Ben was simply a 5 wheel out there in the last. They played a man down.


Nuggets get one back in Portland.


Celtics in trouble


They’re just not as good as the Bucks.
That being said, I wouldn’t write them off for this game.


Are today’s games only on NBA Tv?

ESPN on foxtel doesn’t seem to have either


Lol no idea why the Celts persist with Hayward and leave Danial Theis chillen on the bench


Bucks have simply crushed them in the 4th.


Giannis in God mode.

Harden sookin it up. That was embarrassing.


Celtics have no way of stopping Giannis. Plus with Kyrie going cold from the floor, the scoring really dries up. Interesting FA period for the Cs, no way Kyrie stays. Will Ainge still go for AD? Will he trade all the assets and get him in and hope he then stays, or will he blink and not go for a potential 1-year rental?


i think Celtics did have a plan to stop Giannis but the bucks adjusted really well.
Shooting the 3 ball well has certainly helped.

Jason Kidd did not have the skills to adjust like this. Full cred to Budenholzer.