NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Want the warriors and rockets to beat each other up in a crazy 7 game series now. Don’t even care so wins.


Rockets tie the series, Harden 38. He literally needs to do this another 2 times for the Rockets to win this series…


Both these past two games Rockets got out to big, BIG leads before going so cold. Three games left, hope it goes seven.



Love playoffs basketball


Big game five today, come on Blazers let’■■■■■ back.


Ben is rattled in offence.


76ers really struggling!


This is over unless a couple of Sixers get smokin hot - just can’t score


Finally found a way to stop Leonard and they’re getting smashed


No one can hit a shot


Finish them!


Feels like game over

76ers are too tentative on offence


Toronto can’t miss, Sixers can’t buy one


Series over. Sixers won’t come back from this. Kawhi has Simmons completely rattled in offence. Embiid looks lost out there.


Brett Brown laters…


Blazers been watching the 76ers game. They look borderline disinterested.


Dudley called it


Nuggets on the brink of advancing. Jokic 25 pts 19 reb 6 ast in 34 mins.


Wow Philly cannot be more suitable Essendon compare, when they all turn up they blow out the big teams and look like world beaters.

Yet the next game most of them are highly likely to look lost, disinterested and completely confused by what is happening around them.

You just have no idea what you are going to get each game.

Might have to go back to my Knicks, Essington and Phillington is too much dumbass balling for one person to handle.

Ben Simmons just ■■■■■■■ attack the rim like you have been all season.

JJ Reddick put up three 3’s for the game, WHEN DOES JJ ONLY TAKE 3 THREES?

Worst game they’ve played all season. Harris needs to watch his highlights tapes, Jimmy needs to learn how to bring Embiid in instead of trying to do it all himself. Embiid needs to shoot 3s when he drives and drives when he shoots 3’s.

Leonard is a freak. Harden is a freak. Houston Golden State playoff series has been epic, only outdone by the Nuggets and Blazers multiple OT

Playoffs are delivering plus overtime.