NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Simmons will be a star when he learns to defend.


He is actually pretty good already, he is in the top 20 in the league for defensive RPM

11 in the league for steals too


I don’t think that’s the issue and philly.


The process gets lost on his man, surprisingly a lot.

From the games I have watched this season, feel like I am watching pick up style basketball - bring it down the 3/4 court - then some d is applied, kick the ball around and drive/corner 3. I am sure this will settle down as the season progresses.


And when he gets a jump shot. Last night he scored all his point within 5 yards of the basket. The one mid-range jumper he had was almost an air ball. But geez, for s 6’10" player, he can do a lot with the ball.


76ers now selling Four N Twenty pies.



Do they have an Australian player?


Lonzo with an awesome triple double against the Nugg’s to get us the W.

Having watched every game so far this year, he is improving game on game.

Kuzma and Ingram the best of the young kids so far IMO.




I was only referring to the Lakers.

Simmons, Tatum, Markenen and even Smith Jr even have them covered by a bit at the moment.


Jumpshot seems to be coming along judging by this


Even Donovan Mitchell


Embiid just baited him bad. Such a ■■■■ talker :smiley:


Career high in points (27) for Ben


and a lazy 10 rebounds and 4 steals


22 rebounds for the whole Clippers side so far, Kanter with 13 on his own.
Knicks pulling away now


He should have had another TD, I sear the Sixers bricked on so many open shots in the first half


Tatum is by far the best rookie this class, with Markannen, DSJ and Kuzma behind him



Remember when Kyrie wanted to be no.1 - How salty would Lebron be now? Hope Kyrie sweeps the Cavs

Celtics look special, such a nice young group. Tatum just wow

Good coach - no reason why they can’t have sustained success