NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Davis schooled Adams tonight, what a performance

Gee OKC look average, Knicks playing well. Common factor?


Kyrie has the clutch gene. 47 points, 16/22 shooting. The players really respect coach Stevens, and being a youngish man himself, it fits the group well. The chemistry is pretty good right now.



Insta Ban



That interview on CNN generated $9M worth of advertising for BBB.

Love him or hate him, Lavar is doing something right.


Lakers win two in a row against the Nuggs and now Bulls.

Really impressed with Ingram and Kuzma at the moment and Rundle when he extracts his digit for more than a quarter or two.

Lonzo not scoring a lot and clanging some wide open shots but… Ingram did the exact same last season and has come on in leaps and bounds so far this season, looks a totally different player and he had a god awful FG% last season as well.

Still rebounding and distributing the ball extremely well regardless and having the odd game where he gets 15-18 points and seems to be hitting the odd 3 as well despite having no confidence in his shot right now.

8-10 at this stage of the season is a W in my book.

KCP playing really we as well.


OKC are up and about.


Won’t last


When the sixers get challenged, inevitably Simmons stands up. That is a hell of a characteristic for a rookie to display.


Knicks looking good


Dont think the Warriors will get back from here.


Your team is a glitch and okc have blown 6 10 plus point it leads this season already


Can only hope they blow another one then!


Hardaway is finding his range recently.

I have a man crush on Kanter.


28-0 run from us


I hope OKC can hold on from here. They deserve to win.

Great atmosphere.


Celtics run comes to an end. Miami!


Dion is life.




An abysmal loss for us against one of the worst Kings teams in recent memory.

So typical against a team we should beat comfortably to loss without hardly offering anything on either side of the floor and in particular defensively.

So sick of seeing passengers like Randle get monstered and bullied by guards in the paint, the same for Lopez. Neither of them would know what defence was if it slapped them across the face.