NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Its also wrong.
26ppg 5ast 5rbd per game in playoff average.

Hardly disappearing.


Hahaha really. Pretty big second half. Oh an u forgot the last quarter of game 5. Maybe u just dislike curry a lot.


LA actually made a coaching appointment! Frank Vogel has been signed on a 3-year deal, with Jason Kidd as an assistant. Vogel coached the Pacers to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2013 and 2014, so at least he’s had some success in the role.


I’m not sure what to think. I like Vogel as a coach and Jason Kidd is a great assistant to have should things go wrong and you want to go in another direction.
But the way it all came about was so screwed up.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lakers are looking to trade Lebron away rather than Lebron asking to be trading. Lebron wants to stay in LA for his kids.

Then again, I also wouldn’t be surprised in Kyrie joins Lebron. As per normal, everything hinges on what Durant does. If he flees and goes to New York, Kyrie may join him there. If he doesn’t, then Kyrie could end up with Lebron. Then the Lakers can make the Anthony Davis trade too given the Celtics offer doesn’t look as great as it did last off-season.


Jokic has been unreal, but I’d like him to have just ONE off night.


Oh boy.




What a win on the road for Portland, and who would have thought they would get there with Lillard shooting 3/17!


CJ McCollum came up big there. Feel a bit for Denver but congrats to Portland. Been around the mark for a number of years without breaking through but now off to the West Finals. Big ask to beat the Warriors but just getting there is an achievement in itself…


If Lillard goes nuts they can get past the warriors. I’m hoping they do so we get a couple of new teams in the finals.

Sick of the warriors winning it!


Raptors and Sixers both tight af. Terrible shooting


Yeah, pretty terrible start. Come on Philly!


I’m putting the line at 5 for Rocky complaining about referees.


I wouldn’t touch those odds.


The only good thing for Philly is despite being so bad from the floor they’re down 5.

PS: Kawhi looks like he will take over and win this himself. Embiid is looking horrific…


I think this is the series for Portland. they’re going to make the finals.


I don’t believe that, and honestly I don’t think you do either. If Nurk was up and about he’d really create a problem for them, but unless Dame and CJ go absolutely lights out nuts and Klay/Steph completely disappear then GSW will win in 5, maybe 6.

There’s an amazing belief in the Blazers team at the moment, how they went 17 down today and just methodically played their way back in front was nothing short of amazing. But they wont have the talent to go with GSW.

Unless KD is way worse than they’re letting on.


I wouldnt expect KD back to game 3 at the earliest. I totally believe that Portland can take 1 of the 2 first road games.
Apparently Boogie is closer to returning than KD. He’d be a welcome body against Kanter, who loves to play well against us (we’re vulnerable to o-boards)

Would love to see Kerr actually run PNRs with Kanter, but I doubt he’ll deviate from the set plays.


Wezza is the gloomer to end all gloomers!


Jokic was 11-26 and Millsap 3-13 in that game. The shots they took were all rolling around the rim and dropping for six games. Just didn’t happen tonight.