NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


I don’t reckon I’ve ever seen two players look like they just ‘chuck’ the ball towards the rim like Millsap and Jokic have done this series and had the ball go in. Flaming unreal.


Rip City takes it to Game 7 in Denver.


Biggest Monday in basketball ever.

Could be 3 games 7s.


Rodney Hood had a massive game for the Blazers. Not sure they can count on that again.


He’s been in the zone this series, bit of X Factor about him.

MAN I’d love to see Nurkic out there banging away with Jokic. That would make this series so awesome.


So happy for Ben


Yeah, Giannis and co just sitting back, feet up watching them bang away at a game 7



Philadelphia winning started this shithouse day for me :rage:


Houston aren’t really taking this seriously.


Steph another playoff disappearing act, yet Warriors lead by 6. Not a good sign for Houston.


If you had said that Steph Curry would have just 2 points midway through the 3rd term, no KD, you’d say that Houston would be up 30. If the Rockets blow this…


Amazing how all the talk is always that the Warriors have gotta keep Curry forever, but Thompson is the one that bails them out when it matters.


They’re lucky he’s been hitting his shot. You’d think that Houston are the ones who are up in this series and GSW are facing elimination.


Rockets let it slip


Fantastic stuff!


See ya Rockets! Harden will have to up his flop game over summer if they are to take the next step.

On ya Dubs.

LOL, this was timely. 32 in the second half. Massive.


Houston cooked that haha

A real Essington special

Chris Paul still never made a conference final


First good piece of sporting news this weekend


Read smooths comments above.

Very funny in retrospect.


I think golden state gets to the finals now, but probably the joker as skills to expose them in the paint.

I think bucks get to the finals (hope Aussie Ben does though)