NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!





They were a miracle shot off being in the conference finals.

Ben is 22. They are nowhere near the ceiling especially if Embiid gets Giannis type dedication.

Like the Bucks the year before the most improvement might come from the coach.
The second biggest issue is what pieces to keep if indeed they can. They blew their load way to early in the development versus getting players. The chips they have might not stick around and with JJ wanting the most he can get for his last year they might not have a 3 point game at all.


Rumours are BB is going to get the sack


That talk has been around for a while. It’s why I’m surprised Monty Williams took the Suns job when if he held off and the Sixers fired Brown he could’ve walked straight into the Philly coaching job. Lots of talk too around Ben and Embiid not being able to co-exist and that they need to break them up and trade one. The only way it can work as currently constructed is if Embiid gets super fit over the off-season and Ben learns how to shoot.


Has to be one of the greatest playoff shots, he skyballed it to get it over embiid and it bounced off the rim as high as the backboard and then twice on the other side of the rim then in

You could not recreate that shot in a lifetime of trying

Leonard is a freak, that’s James Hird 15 possies 3 goal 4th qtr and the sealer vs wce levels of magic

Every Toronto fan there will look back on this day and thank god they bought a ticket

Just epic


I can’t stop watching it :joy:
I’m amazed that it dropped!!!

I read a post on Twitter from someone stating ‘either I don’t understand physics, or Kawhi is a witch. I’m leaning towards the latter!’

As a long time Raptors fan, it’s been tough watching playoffs and having us go down 4-0 to Cavs multiple times etc.

Wonder how the Loyal Indian fan reacted!! He’s a legend!!


I’ve just watched that shot about ten times in a row…he should never have been able to take it.

Watch the video from about 4.31 when Kawhi gets the ball…he does a massive travel…absolutely massive.


How about the foot on the line for the 3 at 85 all.

yeah yeah I’m clutching at straws but it looks on the line.


I agree, IMO Ben looks the stubborn type (in a good way - blocks out the noise and plays his game, which I think he does during the season)

I think and hope we will go away and develop his shooting game over the summer, I can see that developing. Is it me, but he looked smaller around the chest and shoulders compared to his rookie season. I wonder if he needs a couple more KGs

Embiid - I read has played like 35% of all games since entering the NBA. The way he reacted post game (that will be the new NBA meme) will hopefully be his ‘moment’ to realise that he can’t simply turn up to games to win. He should have a few sleepless nights about that poor box out and allowed offensive rebound in the last minute :no_mouth:


FWIW that shot was reviewed and was reduced to a 2 point score.


I hope that’s a moment where it makes Kawhi want to stay at the Raptors. They are a hard sell being in Canada, it’s cold, I think there’s an extra income tax or it’s taxed at a higher rate. They’ve lost a lot of great players over the years, Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, Chris Bosh to name a few. They aren’t a big FA destination but keeping Kawhi might be a turning point for that franchise. The series v the Bucks is going to be so good. Kawhi v Giannis.


Wonder if Paul George thinks that was a bad shot too? :thinking:



76ers have announced Brett Brown will be back next year.


wow ok. Will Ben?? Look at this stat sheet across the series.


In am not sure I rate that stat highly enough to trade away a talent like Simmons.


Portland much easier run though…


Lottery tonight, come on Knicks

Patrick Ewing to present for the Knicks, it is a sign!