NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


They are not going to trade away Ben.

He just needs to get to work over the summer, he will be fine.


Lot of noise In BA that Simmons will play the World Cup providing the 6ers get his extension sorted in time, totally down to Patrick being on board



Ben was pretty bad in the last few games, really could have put more pressure on that last leonard shot with a double team, don’t know why he lacks aggression in big games… should be his trademark



Come on Suns! Let’s go back to back!


Knicks, Grizz, Pels and Lakers are in the top 4 lottery. Massive for New Orleans. They could well have 2 top 4 selections if either one of NYK/LAL use it to deal for AD. Could really kickstart a rebuild…


Of course the lakers moved up. sigh.

Sucks for Suns.


Knicks should get this


Come on Knicks or Pellies.

  1. Lakers


#3. Knicks.
#2. Grizz



AD unpacking his bags lol



What an amazing outcome for a small market team.

Now they have Zion and the biggest trade asset

Brilliant narrative


Geez the NBA hate us. Probably knew we would waste it anyway


Not going to lie, if that first pick goes to the Lakers - I was dusting off the Tin foil hat


I’m done.

Knicks are killing me, Essendon are Essendon and Arsenal can’t compete.


Knicks fans take comfort

It’s not Zion, but the 3rd pick could end up being the best of the draft

A stacked Top 5 draft class

But 3rd pick won’t draw KD across :frowning:


He’s already going there.


Pelicans! Huge, so does Davis stay now?