NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Isn’t the starting 5 without KD the same 5 that won a championship and then only lost 9 games the following year? They have ridiculous talent.

Only team to trouble them I reckon is the bucks, if Giannis goes freak mode.


Still think Knicks can land KD, Kyrie and AD.

It is what New York basketball needs.

Pair Zion up with his Duke teammate


Pumped for today’s match. Reckon Raptors can get it done


Bucks 3/15 from 3pt

Have to find another way


Raptors defence doing a great job of collapsing on Giannis, giving him zero room in the paint. Gasol and Siakam really doing the job. Bucks missed a lot of open 3s, if they fall they will rally.


Lopez coming up big there.


Kyle Lowthree


Lowry huge today


Really good fight back by the Bucks. Lopez has had an insane night!


I’m finding it super interesting how when people in the media and online keep talking about potential Boomers lineups how few of them include Deng Adel



All of the include Mitch Creek, and I’ve got nothing against Creek, he’s awesome. But Deng has a pretty good rookie campaign in the NBA, better than Mitch’s tbh


Mitch Creek was good to very good when given the opportunity.
IMO Deng has more upside, Mitch Creek might be more ready to play now; I’d be taking both.


@Catherine_Lio So Ben has confirmed he’ll be out in Melbourne for the World Cup… surely we can get the club to reach out to his manager and organise a massive PR event at the Hanger. If we are lucky we might even get one of the Kardashin’s out as well :slight_smile:


Are you suggesting that the media might be a bit…r…rr.rrrrracist.?


Not intentionally. Mitch Creek has been one of the faces of the NBL for ages where as Adel went to prep school and then 3 years of collage (Louisville, played with Mitchell) and then G League, then got a two way, and stuck. He’s been out of sight of the local media and I think people weren’t sure if he is a citizen or not


If Rowdy Broekhoff can’t suit up a hell of a lot will fall on Patty, Delly and Joe to be the shooters, Adel probably the next best. Maker, Bolden and Baynes are all decent as bigs from outside.

I hope young Green sneaks in if Rowdy can’t


Don’t want any of those trashy morons in this country


This series could be over pretty quickly, they will need to figure out how to score with Leonard on the bench, he looked spent in the 4th.

They defended Giannis well in the first half and he made some nice adjustments (and some Harden like travels) in the second half.

Bucks just look like have a great supporting cast and they won’t shoot the 3 ball that bad for the rest of the series


Im Afraid we don’t have a choice…besides the PR would be great, particularly if we are a chance still to play finals