NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


9 of them directly opposed to young Ben. Ouch!

Welcome to the NBA, ■■■■■


Saric’s o-boards are keeping 76ers in this.

Would have loved to have a mic on Joel when he was matched up 1on1 vs lebron on the perimeter.


Simmons can’t get into the game.

Crowder playing him tight and he can’t get any penetration on his drives.


Joel feasting


Embiid, however…


Amazing how Lebron just turns it on when he gets a bit of a challenge.


Simmons down the race for treatment.

elbow still bothering him?


Sixers are diabolical beyond the arc. It is crazy. 2 from 23. Meanwhile the Cavs have 14 from 35.


To be fair they are usually okay but Reddick, Saric and Covington all having off games


im moving over to celts v pistons game now.




LeBron just got ejected for the first time ever today. Blew up after a pretty dodgy call.


Hack-A-Ben going on.


About 4 straight trips. 7-17 for the line.

Brown needs to bench him. Given up a huge lead because of it.


Wow. Wizards are playing like ■■■■■.

Fouling Ben immediately even when he doesn’t have the ball. This is a dog act.


About 6 straight possessions. Now 11-23 from the line.


Has been intentionally fouled 10 straight trips as per commentators. yikes.


So what? Happened a lot over the years to poor FT shooters. Shaq, DeAndre Jordan, Dwight. One way to fix it is to learn how to shoot.


I’ve never seen anything like this.

Brown has left him on and i reckon Ben will learn something from this. Hopefully how to shoot.